There is one problem that money, medicines and machines put together cannot solve – emotional pain. This is because your emotional pain rises from the impressions stored in the sub-conscious mind.

It pops up from your memory and can then keep chasing you indiscriminately.

Besides, emotional pain is not a mental disorder. Instead, it is simply a feeling of unhappiness or displeasure for any reason.

In contrast, a mental disorder is a condition where the brain falters in processing information, as in case of dyslexia, dementia or hallucination.

Yes, although prolonged emotional pain can cause mental disorders such as depression, anxiety among others.

So, is there actually no solution for this challenge?

By the way, why are scientists and physicians researching spirituality with such great interest for human health? Why they are using terms such as spiritual health, spiritual distress and spiritual care in their research papers? Why are these subjects being taught in the top medical colleges of the world?

Why the World Health Organization (WHO) has revised its definition of the term ‘health’ and now calls it a composite of 4 interconnected aspects namely, physical health, mental health, social or emotional health and spiritual health.

Besides, can spirituality actually help to either dilute or eradicate emotional pain?

Meaning, suppose you faced some trauma way back in your childhood and somehow its shadows never left you, instead still continue to haunt you. So can spirituality help?

Likewise say, you have been failing repeatedly in finding either love or a suitable partner in life or have been moving from one relationship to another, then can spirituality help?

Similarly, if you have been facing difficulty in finding proper sleep at night or you get bad dreams for reasons not known to you, then can spirituality help?

In the same manner, any situation, that may be causing you emotional anguish over and over and for which there may be no visible solution available through either the use of money, medicine or machines, then can spirituality help?

The world is at the moment going through the big bad COVID crisis. This has brought so many emotional challenges for countless people. Some have lost jobs, work or income; others have their loved ones trapped in distress condition. All such situations are proving to be emotionally painful, so can spirituality help?

Incidentally. there is a very interesting fact that I will share here in this matter.

Spirituality considers emotional pain as an opportunity.

Yes, emotional pain is not at all considered a bad word in spirituality. Instead, it is viewed as an opportunity.

Let me quote a few examples to show what I mean:

Arjuna was in deep emotional pain at the beginning of the big war of Mahabharata, when he sought support from Sri Krishna and then Bhagavad Gita began.

Similarly, Nachiketa was banished to death by his own father. Feeling lost, he sought support from the God of Death, who recognized the injustice that had been bestowed on the young man and then Katha Upanishad followed.

Likewise, there are countless examples including lives of great saints such as Kabir, Tulsi, Sur, Meera, Akka Mahadevi , Ramana Mahirishi and Swami Vivekananda etc. The fact common to all these outstanding spiritual journeys is that their origin hails from emotional pain.

Emotional pain took these people to a teacher and then the teacher showed them the path to the freedom.

This simple mechanism has been working beautifully in spirituality since time immemorial.

Interestingly, if you study lives of other widely revered people such as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou or Albert Einstein, you shall find a matching trend in their respective journeys as well. Similarly, many great entrepreneurs, inventors and even athletes and artists would have started their journey on a similar note.

This is why emotional pain is not considered a bad word at all in spirituality. Instead emotional pain is considered an opportunity – a starting point of the transformation that may be invisible at the moment.

This is fine… However, isn’t spirituality complex?

Well, this depends on the student-teacher equation.

If the student-teacher equation is positive, then spirituality is tremendous fun.

Also, this is the reason why true spiritual education has always been delivered in a personalized manner, flowing directly from the teacher to the students because each student may have a unique requirement.

That’s also OK… but what is spirituality? Can you explain in simple words?

In simplest words, spirituality is the science of finding peace and harmony with your existence.

This science achieves this objective by uncovering the secrets of your own life-force, meaning the energy that keeps you alive and which stays hidden within your own body-mind complex and is often referred to as your true self, your metaphysical identity or your soul.

Since, this energy is far more powerful than your emotional pain and hence with its help you are able to subdue the same gradually. Besides, it has the strength to transform things even at the level of the sub-conscious mind and this power comes with prolonged training cum practice.

Isn’t it occult?

No. It is an extremely logical science that can be taught just the way physics, chemistry or economics are taught in schools and universities.

It is neither occult nor about any religion. It can be learned by anyone who is keen to improve their life or situation. This education is about learning following 4 sub-sciences:

  1. The Science of Self.
  2. The Science of the various forces of the nature.
  3. The Science of finding your purpose in life.
  4. The Science of banishing all forms of distress.

All these subjects are linked to each other and sequential. They can be easily understood in your personalized context from a suitable teacher.

Can you offer any proof?

Sure, you can check these student reviews on Google. I teach this science to my students who range from age 16 to 96 on an ongoing basis.

Besides, you shall find several other distinguished teachers as well. Simply search the Internet.

Why teacher is important?

Why can’t we simply watch spiritual videos on YouTube?

Teacher is important because, just as any other science, science of spirituality also has 2 parts to it – theory + practice.

From the videos you may be able to learn some parts of the theory, however for practical clarity you would have to take support of an actual teacher.

Further, the deeper truths of the science have to be comprehended in a personalized manner. There is no other option for learning them since they are extremely subtle. As a result an experienced teacher would modulate their lessons in such a way that they match the student’s level of comprehension. This support cannot come from the YouTube lectures.

Therefore, YouTube lectures can be a complementary resource for this education however not the complete resource. For complete support one must find a suitable teacher.

What if, I am a total beginner?

Yes, for all such aspirants I have a very interesting training program – The Science of Spiritual Realization.

This comprises 18 Personalized Training Sessions which are extendable to 36, based on the student’s interest and inclination. Couples can attend together, otherwise ideal for individuals or even families, provided they are willing to learn together.

These are extremely lively sessions with lots of exercises, examples and interesting conversations. The key contents of the training program have been laid here for your convenience.

This training shall lead you to gradually strengthen your mind. As a result, it will help you find clarity in your thoughts and that in turn shall bring courage, conviction and composure in life.

There shall be two parts of the training:

PART 1 – Understanding the background science – explained in 18 sessions.

PART 2 – Practical Exercises for improving mind control and emotional strength. To be practiced as homework.

Therefore, if this sounds interesting then please don’t hesitate to connect. I have a few vacant slots at the moment and 2 sessions a week shall be ideal for anyone. (ALL ONLINE)

Email: puneet500 AT gmail dot com  

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Besides, I also offer more traditional spiritual training programs for the same purpose. Hence, you can exercise your choice based on your interest, inquisitiveness or inclination.

Email: puneet500 AT gmail dot com


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