Emotional Resilience and Time Line Therapy®

First of all, Time Line Therapy® is a set of very powerful, yet very gentle techniques used to aid emotional healing, emotional resilience, set goals, erase limiting decisions, change how you think about time (do you always feel rushed?) and go deep into your mind to retrieve answers (your unconscious mind has the solutions you need!)

It’s a perfect way of communication with the unconscious, because we use the language of the mind, rather than our everyday words, which may not be getting through.

For example, how many times have you thought that a problem or issue isn’t logical? But no matter how hard you try to talk yourself into feeling better, it makes no difference?

How many times has someone else tried to talk you out of an issue? It might make you feel better short-term, but long term, how did that go?

Now, imagine, right now, that you get really get inside the unconscious mind and give it the instructions to stop feeling bad and living by old limiting beliefs. Imagine you have the ability to change the way you think, just by talking to your mind it a way it finds clear and understandable! Add into that future emotional resilience and you can start to appreciate the power of this therapy.

So how does it work? The theory is that we get stuck when a memory is intertwined with emotion(s). Like a ball of threads woven around a bobbin. Simply by thinking about that past time, you can feel the emotions coming back to you (luckily, we don’t do this in Time Line Therapy – we don’t revisit old memories).

During the session, we unravel the emotion from the memory. The memory remains, but we lose the emotion. This leaves you feeling lighter about life, you feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders. And the negative emotions have left you.

How? Well, the emotions were there in the first place because there was something we had to learn and we didn’t pick it up at the time. So, if during Time Line Therapy® we recover all the life lessons, there’s no longer a reason to keep the emotions! They disappear!

Time Line Therapy® isn’t for the amateur (you need to know how to guide all sorts of learnings and pull out deeper meanings), a skilled and trained professional can help you to overcome your negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

If you’d like to know more, visit this link on Time Line Therapy®