Trust Empathy Acceptance Work From Home WFH

TEA Break — An emotional ice-breaker at workplace.

TEA Break for WFH — Trust, Empathy & Acceptance are the most needed ice-breakers by both Employers & Employees.

The virus is going to stay for sometime and now it’s all in our hands to be on the safer side. Nokia, Oppo plants have been shut due to new positive cases post resuming operations after lockdown relaxations. We will be witnessing more such news. Work From Home can’t be implemented across the industries, but wherever possible, it’s good to be continued. So far, WFH has been a temporary adjustment, but should be considered a long term plan and acceptance levels to be raised on both sides.

Work From Home, not to be considered as a favor by the Employers. Most employers feel employees are saving a lot of time not traveling to and fro, spending good time with family and so they can demand work for extended hours, schedule calls at odd times etc. Rather build trust motivate them so that they become productive, efficient and spend more time themselves if required.

Work From Home, not to be taken for granted by the Employees & should show empathy towards the Employers. Employees should find ways to be productive, should be flexible enough to spend extended hours if required, should make themselves comfortable with a dedicated space without disturbance.

Let’s have TEA Breaks.!!!