Our feelings, emotions, passions have enormous power and they exist for a reason, they are there to guide us. We shouldn’t fight against them but become friends with them and cooperate with them instead, as with a partner. The power they have and the way they can impact us and our actions can be tremendous. For example, when a parent’s child is in danger of death, that parent can forget about his/her own life to try to save his/her child’s life. From the rational point, it could seem a crazy thing to do but for a parent’s heart, it would be the most right decision. In such extreme, emergency situations a human’s heart becomes more powerful than a head and has a much bigger influence on the decisions a person makes. Our emotions were made to become very powerful in very important moments for us on purpose. Evolution has created such a system in the human psyche to save our lives when the decisions cannot be left to the intellect alone. Such moments include “danger, painful loss, persisting toward a goal despite frustrations, bonding with a mate, building with a family.” These emotions help us act faster and better to be able to solve unexpected problems that can threaten our safety. Such situations have been happening to people so often in history over many centuries that emotional reactions became “engraved” in our human heart as an automatic response. 

To ignore the power of emotions, the power they have to influence our lives, both in negative and positive ways, and the power that we can use to reach our fullest potential, is to have a very narrow view of a human being, and how he/she operates. Today science gives us the opportunity to appreciate the emotions and realize that their role is very important in our lives.  We all know how much big impact the emotions can have on our decisions, and how little role we can give to our thinking mind at such times. We have spent a lot of time and effort into studying and learning what IQ measures. However, we all know that a lot of times our logical mind can mean nothing when we become slaves of our emotions. Isn’t time to start studying such an important part of our lives, that is our emotions?