The governments worldwide are currently relaxing rules for lockdowns and are allowing people to step out for work and other reasons. Offices that stayed closed for a prolonged time and are planning a combination of “work from home” and office attendance depending on the employee’s strength. Hence, now that you have to step out, brand and business owners and corporate managers must ensure complete employee safety.

Employee health is gaining relevance in every organization, especially during this pandemic! And that’s why the business owners are trying to work out ways to carry on with their business and not adversely impact employee health. According to Marcus┬áDebaise, a few useful tips that can help are:

  1. Conduct regular health assessments

Most corporate buildings have a temperature scanning process for employees walking inside the facility daily. While that helps to monitor the temperature details, it doesn’t guarantee complete employee security. Offices need to conduct regular health assessments to trace the lesser-known symptoms of COVID-19, which includes a loss of smell and diarrhea. It is essential to monitor how food and other products get transferred to the office. Cleanliness and sanitization are imperative practices that are essential for every office.

  • Personal sanitization kits

Though office buildings keep an available sanitizer container, it is best if business owners ask employees to get their separate sanitization kits. The office can also customize sanitization kits, including mask, gloves, and masks for their employees. It will ensure that people don’t touch other’s sanitization kits and use their own. It will curb down the transmission by contact and ensure that no one misses washing their hands, cleansing it with a sanitizer when required, and wearing gloves.

  • Not encourage travel says Marcus┬áDebaise

Business travels are a part of every business. And sooner or later, business houses will have to plan their business travels. But it is a wise decision to curb down travel as much as possible. The international flights might resume sometime soon. It is best if businesses try and work out other options in place of business travel. It’s wise to opt-in for online meetings, online business development seminars, and the like. That will save an employee from traveling at high risk when the pandemic curve is yet to flatten down.

  • Sanitize the office regularly

It is essential to clean and sanitize the office space. Business owners and leaders must arrange for a complete sanitization of their personal office space before and after employees arrive and leave every day. It is also essential for the corporate building owner to sanitize the entire building weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on the use.

It is essential to maintain the social distancing norms despite all odds and requirements to be there at the office. It will help employees from getting affected by community transmission and stay healthy and safe. It will also keep their families and loved ones safe when they maintain all the prescribed norms.