Empower Yourself


Let’s talk about how to empower yourself.  

When we know ourselves, deep down, we can’t help wanting more out of this life we are living. We have big dreams and desires that range from health and family to our professions and community. And it’s only when we know ourselves well that we can create dreams based upon our soul’s desires.

Dreams. We all have them. When we create the intention to achieve them, we are creating the foundation for them to grow. We get excited. We are intentional. We take action. We are inspired. We are filled with hope and joy.

And we just know they are right. They are purpose-filled and true. These dreams or desires are deeply rooted in who we are at our essence. They are based on what our purpose is and what legacy we want to leave.

Often, we become emotionally connected to these dreams. We become attached to them. These emotions can fuel us onward toward our purpose OR they can slow us down and eventually lead us to why the power of our intentions will not work. They lead us to our own dark selves.

Empowering Yourself and Intention 

All the intention setting in the world will not work unless we value who we are at our core.

All the intention setting in the world will not work unless we value who we are at our core. CLICK TO TWEET

When we don’t believe in ourselves, or when we don’t value what we have to offer, our dreams will dim at the first nuance of doubt. Our confidence will hide behind the first obstacle placed in our path.

I have known so many who have dreams, who’ve started out on the path to achieve them, but when they hit a bump in the road they hear their own ego voice say “ I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough” or some version of that.

Have you ever allowed your dreams to stall on your path with the excuse of “I don’t have time” or “I can’t do this by myself” ?

Empowering Yourself and Defeating Doubt

In the face of such doubt, dreams can not become a reality.  What happens when the doubt grows? 

Your actions give way to emotions!

Our emotional self comes into play and allows us to get frustrated and full of overwhelm.

We get angry, annoyed, or even sad and depressed. All of this leads up to more self-judgment.

Our self-confidence wanes. We get stuck on the path.  And eventually, we allow our dreams to lose their momentum, wind down and even die.

There is no need to let your soul’s desires fade in the wake of

such doubt and such self-judgment. 

Your true self-value and self-confidence are there just waiting to be discovered.

When you can settle your emotional self and start thinking with loving support of yourself, you will discover that You Are Enough in all that you do. You are more than capable of following and fulfilling your soul’s desires no matter what they are.

The 6 Steps to Empowering Yourself

To start to empower yourself, begin by elevating and maintaining your self-confidence and understand the true value you bring to the world. Here are six steps to begin to empower yourself:

Begin to Love and Honor Yourself

Start to empower yourself by taking a wonderful look at all that is inside of you by making a list of everything you have ever accomplished.

Make a list of all the wonderful attributes that you have ~ and don’t skip one of them.

Then, read them aloud to yourself as you look in the mirror. One by one. Say “I am Beautiful.” “I am Creative.” “I am Kind.”

Say it slowly…to yourself…as you would a dear friend. This will set you on the path to discovering all that you truly are.

Step Away From Your Emotions

Your emotions do not define who you are.

As a spiritual being in a human experience, you will absolutely have emotions. But, do not let them define who you are. When you discover your emotions are fueling your actions, it is time to step back.

Go for a walk, have a cup of tea, relax and breathe.

By letting your emotions flow and moving away from them into love and light, you will naturally allow yourself to see who you truly are and your self-confidence will rise.

Empower Yourself by Fostering Self-Confidence

If your self-confidence is low, begin using a mantra that slays your doubts. Use a mantra that is polar opposite of those doubts. 

For example, if your self-confidence is low because you believe yourself to be strapped for time, an example of a mantra for this would be “I have ample time to fulfill all that is required of me.” And look for the gift of time. Let’s say you plan to meet a friend for coffee and she tells you she’s going to be 10 minutes late. There that is a gift of 10 minutes to relax and look at all that you are!

Ask for Help & Surround Yourself with Loving Support

Maybe you have a big dream of doing something wonderful in your community.  Find like-minded individuals and ask them for support.  Surround yourself with uplifting and loving individuals who see all the beautiful things in you.

They will act as a mirror to reflect back what you are beginning to see.

Empower Yourself With Consistent & Courageous Action

Yes, life will put roadblocks and diversions in your way. You may have to take this path for a short time but that doesn’t mean you give up on your dreams.

By taking consistent steps, each and every day toward your dreams, you will get there.

Be bold. Take courageous action steps with your newly found self-confidence.

There is nothing better to support you and your newly developing self-confidence than doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone. 

Detach From the Outcome

In co-creating your dreams, the Universe will support your work. When you can detach from the outcome of each of the steps toward your dreams, you will discover joy in each step, in the being and doing of creating your dream.

This will elevate your vibration and help you attract your deepest desires going forward. 

The Power of Self-Confidence

The power of your own self-confidence will empower yourself and support your dreams.

Never underestimate the power of believing in yourself. The more you honor and value yourself, the more self-confident you will become.  When you can step into your dreams with confidence, it will fuel your purpose. You will step forward with consistent and courageous action.

The love and light you bring to your actions will attract all that you desire.

All you have to do is discover the power of believing in yourself and the power of intention will come alive and so will your dreams. 

Your Living Your Truth Soul~Play Activity:

Grab a Mirror! 

Now breathe in slowly and look deep into your eyes.

Ask them what they see in you.

Ask them what your greatest attributes are and write them down.

This is the first step into beginning to love and honor the bright light that you are!  

At the Wise Living Institute, we teach you how to discover your own personal “WHO” and the process to find your truth by looking within. With tools (like this one) and systems, we support in stepping forward Living Your Truth for greater peace-of-mind and passion-filled life. Allow us to show you how to access your inner knowing and call upon our teachings to make choices that are fully aligned with your purpose. Our coursesproductssisterhood, and programs were created to feed the soul and help you find realignment within.

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  • Laura P. Clark, SCPT

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    Laura Clark knows that Living In-Joy comes from following your own inner wisdom. Through her own recovery from depression and 20 years as an entrepreneur, Laura fully understands the life interrupts and barriers that are obstacles to building an abundant business and joy filled life. She also knows and teaches the tools and techniques to overcome these challenges to build and grow in business and life based upon ease and grace that leads to more joy and prosperity. As an International best-selling author and engaging speaker and compassionate mentor and trainer, Laura brings her unique wit and a down to earth, practical approach to implementing spirituality and  living one's truth into your business and life. She empowers people to shift from within to hear their soul’s whispers more consistently, understand it more clearly and act upon it more courageously all the while feeling at ease, safe and supported. Laura is the Founder of The Wise Living Institute offering programs and communities (such as the Living Your Truth Sisterhood) to support your personal growth and spiritual development journey for greater success as a leader in business and life.