Work can be tough – its a fight for survival in a competitive market. You may be questioning yourself, wondering if, against the odds you’ve got what it takes to meet the challenge or whether you should walk away?

Pressure to achieve is increasing and stress levels are skyrocketing.  No doubt at some point you’ve felt swamped or overwhelmed at work.  Perhaps right now your’e desperately juggling your personal and professional lives or you’ve been swiped by redundancy.  Maybe you’re starting a new job, dealign with a workplace bully or trying to navigate your way through office politics.

Empower Yourself at Work with Ancient Knowledge

Woven through tribal cultures and ancient mythology is a magical pathway, the Rite of Passage, that holds the answers to empowerment and personal transformation.  You can use this age old wisdom to discover valuable skills and capacities to approach any challenge at work and emerge empowered.  Its your relationship to and your context for life’s challenges that will ultimately shape their outcome – now you can choose to embrace your work challenge as a rite of passage and become the hero of your own career story.

What is a Rite of Passage?

The term ‘Rite of Passage’ refers to a ceremony or significant event that marks your transition, progression or passage from one phase or state in life to another.  Traditionally it will require courage, personal resolve and determination.  It invites you to overcome a challenge or personal struggle. When you move through a rite of passage you can discover unshakable internal resources and can achieve a significant shift in consciousness and self-awareness.  A rite of passage offers you the opportunity to stoke your inner fire and connect with who you truly are.  By its very nature, a rite of passage is a catalyst that can evoke a personal crisis and a loss of identity.  It is often designed to shatter your illusions and decimate outworn aspects of your ego. 

Ancient wisdom declares that when you undertake a rite of passage you ideally do so consciously and with the understanding that everything you encounter on the path is of significance, that the universe is benevolent and that it will support and provide for you.  You understand that ultimately you will ‘return’ to yourself or your community forever changed and empowered.

A good example of an ancient tribal rite of passage is commonly referred to as the Australian ‘walkabout’.  When an adolescent male member of the indigenous tribe is ready to make the transition from boyhood to manhood, he responds to the call of the land and leaves the tribe to live alone in the wilderness.  Completely isolated he confronts and transcends his fear and personal limitations and learned to fend for himself physically, spiritually and emotionally.  He is then welcomed back to the tribe and celebrated as a ‘man’.

Personal Victory and Reward are a Breath Away

When you recognise that a challenge at work is a rite of passage or the invitation to an adventure, you can heed the call and can choose to embrace the opportunity for growth.  In doing so, you reframe and create a magical context for what you are experiencing at work.  You’ll have access to the power and knowledge of those that have walked the path before you, and you can, with awareness, consciously and proactively take care of the business at hand.  Victory and reward are a breath away and you have the potential to acquire new skills and capacities and to emerge more authentic and empowered!