You cannot rush to the other side of powerlessness.It is a deep void embedded into the unknown of human constructs, serving many thoughts and emotions that have the potential of leading us into the darkness.We spend much of our lives individually and collectively searching for, attaching to, utilizing and manipulating power. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing, it all depends upon our relationship to power itself and how we sit inside ourselves when we are without it; powerless. It is a void many of us prefer not to spend too much time in, albeit a necessary construct for appropriate psychological, emotional and spiritual development. Our lives are predicated upon an energy that has both the power to heal and to destroy. In my experience, rushing through to the other side of powerlessness to find empowerment leads me nowhere. Empowerment is not something one can find. It is a birthright as much as powerlessness is. Sit inside your powerlessness as much as you want to sit inside your power. One cannot exist without the other. Nor will your life be defined any differently as you experience both polarities dependent upon your relationship to them.