Burnout is becoming one of the biggest epidemics across every professional industry, as a ‘hustle’ culture continues to thrive, many individuals are coming up with creative ways to combat burnout within their industry. Tyler Mackechnie has been a full-time digital marketer over the past seven years and has used his experience to help multiple businesses grow and scale. While consistently putting in long hours of work throughout a week, Tyler has found a balance that continues to power him through while still avoiding the dreary burnout. These are his tips. 


Tyler likes to make time every single day for exercise. Lately, his go-to has been just going for a walk. By stepping outside and getting fresh air, he’s able to clear his mind and gather his thoughts far better. Studies have shown that exercising throughout the day will continue to provide your body and brain the necessary fuel to power through long workdays. A key component to achieving the performance standards Tyler sets for his goals has been to take those few extra minutes a day to exercise to stay on top of his game. 

Systemize Your Life

Have you ever felt yourself go down a rabbit hole of bad decision after another? The solution to that common wall we face is to have systems set in place for your life. In short, setting systems allows you to achieve a predictable result every time, therefore eliminating options that take you down that rabbit hole. 

Tyler has utilized systems in not only his business ventures but also his everyday tasks in life. According to Tyler, having systems in place saves you time, energy, and money. Therefore, the more you’re able to organize your daily habits and easy to follow systems, the better you’ll be able to thrive in every aspect of your life. 

Don’t Negate your life to becoming a Workaholic 

One thing you should always be striving for in life is balance. The balance will shape the person you’re trying to become, and help you fill out your potential to form a well-rounded career for yourself. Given that burnout is far more likely to happen if you lack a work/life balance, you’re ultimately setting both avenues up for failure if you allow yourself to reach that state of burnout in both. So at the end of the day, it’s a must for you to truly find that middle ground between work/life balance if you’re set on achieving your wildest dreams. 


  • Johnny Medina

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