The awake Empath out there is quite aware of the word ENERGY.

First, let me talk a little about the word ENERGY!!

It’s not a bad or crazy word.  In most circles, energy is a term that tells people how energized they feel or how emotionally excited they feel at any given point and time.  We eat food, we exercise and we even relax to help us manage our energy.

In general, people think of energy as something to be preserved, gained or restored.  We talk in general terms that we are low in energy to complain when we have no extra to give to others.  We then talk of high energy when we attend a fun event or socialize with wonderful people.  You will also see us talk about feeling down when we are at a sad event or around people that are not so wonderful.

To most, the word energy is something we must have, get or maintain.  Why is this??  Because….  we feel tired when we lack energy – meaning, we have nothing left to function.  In summary –

We give ENERGY!

We get ENERGY!

We are ENERGY!

Wow – there is the brilliant idea the metaphysical world has been trying to tell us about.  The concept has been rather tough to prove logically since most of us need to see something to believe it – and, we see ourselves as simply physical bodies.  But – that physical body runs on  nourishment, rest and exercise. That physical body needs a form of fuel that allows it to function – a sort of “electricity” you can say.  Energy is the  unseen that allows us to function on a daily basis.

As you can see, the word energy is more LOADED for Empaths!

The Empath believes the metaphysical world that says everything is energy!  The Empath knows we are energetic beings.  Most Empaths feel the energetic body; others can see it.  The Empath knows that in every interaction with another, there is an energy exchange beyond shaking hands or saying hello.

The bottom line here is that the Empath is affected by energy seen and unseen.  The Empath is an intuitive with higher sense perception.  This gift allows Empaths to feel and know things about people on a more intimate level.  The gift of knowing and feeling goes hand-in-hand with an Empath’s ability to help others heal.

What do I mean by heal?  I am talking about emotional healing – helping that person understand, release or see their life situation from a higher perspective.  The person being helped doesn’t truly see what is happening other than they love talking to Susie the Empath.  They enjoy the connection because they always walk away with a smile or at least, feeling better.

What happens in this exchange with an Empath?

There’s a clearing or transmutation from a merging of energy.

An Empath also uses the term energy to describe how someone feels to them.  The Empath is able to determine via intuitive vibe (knowing or feeling) many things about another person. Most notably we connect with the emotional layer – although, we have the capacity to connect to physical ailments and thought patterns.

The interesting observation is that mostly, people are totally uninterested and unaware in knowing, acknowledging or feeling anything that is inside of them.  They often fear negative emotions and refuse to visit any uncomfortable situation in their life.  As such, negative emotions remain buried and take up permanent residence within them!

Energetic blocks are caused by emotions that remain buried in the body. These blocks –as they accumulate – lead to physical, mental or emotional issues.  

I hope this article helped you gain new understanding.

Much Love, Michelle