SInce returning to the East Coast again I am reminded of how gigantic the invisible Universe is and how we are embedded into it. It might be easier to think in terms of movies, combining the Matrix, Avatar, and Interstellar, to name just a few, to give us a visual concept of how we exist interdimensionally, with past, present and future, consciously and unconsciously connected to one another and everything around us, extending to this galaxy and the vastness of the ever expanding Universe ahead of us.

When we begin to do the “work” of consciously shifting our awareness to our inter connectedness we begin to see a harmony and disharmony existing on the level of frequencies. Nikola Tesla said, “ If you wish to understand the Universe  think of energy, frequency and vibration.

One of the many benefits of doing the work of attaining levels of conscious awareness is the practice of trusting. Our ego self and identity has us believe that outcomes are supposed to go down in a certain way. We believe we can manipulate, control, arrange for outcomes to unfold according to our own plans. Sometimes they do; however the big, really big dreams, visions and desires, happen when we can trust the process of the Universe and where the Universe brings together all the right people ( which may look like the wrong people for us) and yet, when we trust that the Universe with the powers of energy, frequency and vibration is putting everything together for us in a such a way that we achieve our outcomes, we can’t afford to doubt and be smarter than the God Force/ Universal Life Force. Because of our limited perspectives of the world ( remember we can only see what’s in front of us and in the range of about 6 inches without turning our heads) we’ve got to trust that everything is coming together as we have imagined. It’s our doubt and changing frequencies and our inability to hold thoughts and visions for extended times that takes us off our path.

If you’ve ever wondered why some things come so much faster and easier to others, I suggest you take the focus off “ the others”  and keep bringing the focus of what you want back to yourself and your desires. Hold the thoughts for a prolonged period of time and practice becoming the vibrational match to what you want. It’s in every spiritual text ever written. You know, the truth and the answers are always right in front of us. We just need to learn to “see” them and It’s more than seeing with your physical eyes. It’s learning to really “see”.  


  • Elly Molina

    Intuitive Advisor, Author & Educator

    Elly Molina, Amazon Best Selling author, international Advisor to Public Figures, Celebrities, Business Professionals & trusted mentor is the creator of MindPower Consulting and Psi-Kids. She is a leading expert in developing psychic and intuitive abilities in children and co-founded a magic school in Washington State, She is the author of Children Who Know How to Know; Annabelle and the Domino and contributing author to the amazon best seller, Dancing in the Unknown.  You can learn more about her and her work at: