Have you ever experienced something with someone, that was unacceptable in your career? Like an un-respectful boss or colleague?

There are many kinds of bosses or colleagues, but mainly they are:

Amazing, Medium, or a DISASTER!

What the medium and especially the disaster bosses or colleagues do is emotional abuse! They do that because they think they are everything, the best business people in the world and never need to accept advice from anyone.

Maybe once a week they show you a different side and tell you how much they appreciate you, but in general, they talk wrong about you behind your back and just letting you feel bad.

Recognize things such as:

–    You did this wrong; the company processes were good! (when the same things happen to everyone, still it is your fault and not the boss)

–    I am the boss; I am smart, and you need to listen to me!

–    I am longer in business than you and starting businesses. I know what I do. (whenever you give good feedback to help the company)

Or just simply calling you and changing the rules over and over again, shouting to you like an angry five-year-old. Never listening to you and whenever you ask something or give your opinion, your boss says: You do not know how it works.

If this sounds familiar to you, let me tell you one thing: LEAVE! You need to tell yourself that enough is enough!

It is so not worth it to stay at a job for the money and just trying to handle it. If you have tried a couple of months a nothing has changed, you need to leave!

No one ever is allowed to emotional abuse you, although your boss is paying you it does not mean he is allowed to do that. He needs to treat you with respect and like a normal human being. The angriness you have against your boss because he is like this to you, means you are losing respect.

This is why we always say: Good employees leave bosses; bad employees get promoted! It is because good employees say something when it is not going how it should be going, maybe not directly but for sure after a while and they see nothing changes. 

We often see that we do not have another choice; it is true that leaving your job could be difficult sometimes. We worry about the money, or we see other jobs, but they pay less.

Think about your emotions and your well-being. This is way more important! If you can have a job that pays less, but with a normal boss and atmosphere, you will be happier and more relaxed. That counts way more and makes you feel better — not a job that pays good and where you get emotionally abused.

Think about yourself, never think that maybe he or she will change. Unfortunately, most people will not change!

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  • Stephanie Steggehuis

    NLP Mindset & Time Management Coach

    Just Know How Coaching

    Stephanie was born in The Netherlands and studied Marketing & Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. She worked for many years in the Event & Entertainment Industry with the biggest Venues, Festivals and Parties. Beside her experience there she has also worked many years in the corporate world for some big names such as eBay and worked in various positions in different companies from Manager, Director and Vice President.  Today she is certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer Coach and has completed over 125 hours in training for coaching. She always is studying the human brain, psychology, and mindset, to keep understanding the human being a hundred percent to help her clients in the best way possible. The most significant changes start with understanding the brain!