Melissa Soldera is a Montreal-based mother, wife and dog mom who’s made a living out of her passion and helped women gain a higher sense of confidence by boosting the fashion know-how.

This article discusses how Melissa has dominated the fashion industry over the years and how she keeps peace of mind while juggling the obstacles that come with being a mompreneur.

Overcoming Stress And Burnout

Stress is any situation that causes discomfort and distress for an individual; common causes of stress include excess workload and pressure from friends and family. 

Experiencing stress is completely normal for everyone, the only thing that differs from each individual is our way of handling it. 

As a business owner, Melissa experiences a lot of stressful situations; emails from clients, constant phone calls, and a host business management issues.  In the midst of all the chaos, the only thing that can relieve the tension is to take a step back and disconnect. Going on a digital detox can mean the difference between you de-stressing or having to take a trip to the hospital. 

Another thing Melissa recommends is that you engage in fun activities ( things that you enjoy doing). Whenever she feels her stress levels rising, Melissa takes some time off to play with her two and a half-year-old daughter. During this time, she reflects on the things she’s grateful for and this brings a sense of calmness to her mind.

Getting Passed The Hurdles 

When she started, Melissa faced a lot of obstacles, one being the rapid spread of the online shopping industry, as opposed to brick and mortar boutiques.  Melissa owned and worked in the Fashion industry for twelve years where she specialized in fashion wholesale sales. 

When the online shopping industry boomed, Melissa had to figure out on a dime how to switch around her career and company. 

The world was slowly moving to the online space and so she made the wise decision to add digital marketing services to her catalog.

This breakthrough came through nights of strategic planning and calculated risk-taking. Melissa explained that she experienced, first hand, how the world of fashion changed; brands invested more on digital talent and moved most of their sales from brick and mortar stores to online stores. 

Since the move, Melissa’s firm has focused strictly on digital marketing. 

Achieving Success

How does one achieve success in an industry as competitive as the fashion industry?

Melissa shares that her main tips for a successful lifestyle are simply to write things down and keep a schedule. She explains that your path to success is easier when you have everything planned out. 

Apart from these two crucial points, Melissa also brings to light the importance of having a source of motivation. For Melissa, her daughter is enough motivation for her to keep pushing forward.


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