Nolan Johnson has a humble start from a small town in Michigan, to Detroit, and then Scottsdale, Arizona on his entrepreneurial journey. He realized early on that although education is important, a college degree wasn’t necessary for him to be successful, and even to make millions. He developed the skills he needed to be great at sales and to create and run his own successful company with hundreds of satisfied clients.

In this article we go over a few of his best success tips with Nolan.

What are your biggest distress tips? 

  • Tip 1

Take care of your body and your overall health. It matters what goes into your body and how physically ready you are. If you feel good and look good, you’ll perform better in all aspects of life. This doesn’t just apply to dressing well! It applies to your body too!

  • Tip 2

Take time away. Unplug. Let your mind wander and relax. Work as hard as you possibly can when you’re working, but when it’s time to not be working, allow that to be a healthy part of your life as well. It’s important for everybody to be able to enjoy the things they’re working hard for, and not just always working hard with no direction or purpose as to why.

How do you avoid burnout and a stressful day? 

  • Tip 1

The number one thing, for me, is just making sure I keep a healthy perspective on how blessed I am to be able to do what I do, and that keeps me working hard on the days that aren’t easy.

  • Tip 2

When I feel myself feeling burnt out or exhausted, I take some time away from my work and let my brain reset and recharge. This isn’t always easy, because most entrepreneurs are very passionate and feel strongly about whatever it is they are doing, so it’s hard to let go of it sometimes and take a step back, but I’ve found that it is necessary and can actually be very beneficial to doing better work when you come back.

What are your main tips for a successful habit?   

  • Tip 1

A schedule is BIG. Organizing your time, what will get done with it, and then sticking to that in a disciplined manner, is huge for productivity and success. 

  • Tip 2

Stick to your schedule and routine even when it’s not easy, when you’re tired, and when unfortunate or difficult things happen in life. You won’t regret keeping your foot on the gas. 

What keeps you motivated? 

One of my biggest motivations is providing and continuing generational wealth for the future generations of my family. It’s pretty easy to pull motivation from that and it keeps me pushing. 

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be? 

Don’t ever quit on things that you feel strongly about. It’s okay to make changes and shifts throughout your life as your needs and desires and interests change, but do not quit. 


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