Pauly Long is the founder of MineSet LLC and an entrepreneur who has helped dozens of businesses and tons of individuals around the world to achieve their goals.

In this article, we will learn the values and principles that Pauly has leveraged in his own life to help him overcome stressful situations and achieve his goals as an entrepreneur.

Overcoming Stress 

Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. While burnout is a feeling of cognitivity and bodily fatigue caused by overexposure to stress. 

Stress and burnout are frequently experienced by many on the way to achieving greatness, especially when high stakes and revolutionary changes are coming to fruition. When Pauly experiences a stressful situation, he does a couple of things to help relieve the tension.

The first would be to read a book that provides him value. A good example of these are educational, informational, and personal development books. According to Pauly, they will get you to think of positive things. 

The second thing Pauly does to combat stress might sound counter-intuitive: working out. He explains that exercising your body is of utmost importance. 

“When you finish a workout it revamps your sense of pride and accomplishment, which helps you gravitate back down to a peaceful state of mind and reboot your perspective on what you’re stressing about.” – Pauly.


Burnout is a more serious issue and it might require a little more effort to get past it. Personally, Pauly loves walking to the beach depending on where he is of course. He generally stays in places that have a beach for that purpose. That is his way of disconnecting from the digital world and avoiding the burnout that can come with it. You can call it a digital detox.

Achieving success is easier said than done and more often than not, it takes a lot longer than envisioned. Certain habits and principles in life have helped Pauly achieve success in various ways.

When asked what these habits were, he pointed out a few of them; the first is having a morning routine. He revealed that developing a solid morning routine upon waking up is what sets the tone and pace for the rest of the day. 

“My routine includes waking up at 6am, drinking 1 liter of water, meditating for 10 minutes, written affirmations and gratitudes, stretching, 30 minute workout circuit, one apple cider vinegar shot, and no phone or social media until all of this is done. Then I check all my messages and emails after that, and I write down a game plan for the day” -Pauly.

The next pro tip for success is to stop multitasking; take everything one step at a time. Multi-tasking only prolongs each task you’re trying to complete. Costing you valuable time and money. Start one thing, execute and finish, move on to the next.

Words Of Advice

Here are some words of advice from Pauly himself for anyone striving to achieve success;

3 major keys that I’ve used to get where I am. Mindset, Credit, Personal Brand. And with your mindset, there are 3 major virtues to keep in your thoughts at all times: Gratitude, Humility, Patience. Strengthen and develop your mindset, build your credit and leverage cards with 0% APR to get your business going, invest in your personal brand on social media to build your social presence. 

Be grateful for everything on the journey, humble yourself to anything or anyone that comes in along the way, and remain patient during the whole process. Believe that you will get to the finish line, whenever that may be. Have faith in yourself and what you’re doing. Do only what you love, and therefore seek happiness and fulfillment over money.” -Pauly.


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