Self-development does not have to be heavy and time consuming. Here are ten things shared by Entrepreneur Ravi Patel you can throw yourself into right away and become a better person even before the day is over.

Self-development can seem like an insurmountable task, as it takes time and energy to read strings of self-help books, take courses in self-development or do volunteer work on the weekends.

But that’s not necessarily the case. “You can easily become a better and happier person for the sake of both your own and your surroundings with quite a few steps and in almost no time” says Ravi Patel.

How to deal with it, and with a little good will become a better person in a single day. Here are 10 tips.

1. Ask for a pay rise

Tell your boss that you want a pay rise in six months and therefore would like his / her input on what you need to do in the intervening period to make yourself deserving of it. Then follow the boss’s list – feel free to blow up the list- and then you should have more money in the bank in half a year.

2. Give a compliment to five random people

Compliments do not just make those who receive them happy, you become who gives often in a better mood – try it.

3. Help a homeless person

Give money, socks, food or anything else. There is nothing better than helping someone who cannot give anything back.

4. Call your mother

Call your mother and tell her you love her.

5. Donate Blood 

donate blood You spend some time, donate some blood, help others and have a good conscience.

6. Floss

Daily flossing along with brushing can actually be a daily gain for both yourself and others – no one has probably benefited from bad breath.

7. Exercise for 30 minutes – at least twice a week.

Exercise is good for your health, shape and mood, so it benefits you as well as your surroundings.

8. Learn something new

Read about something new every day – in a book, a magazine, on the web, etc. – that is outside of what you normally deal with or are interested in. You learn something new and expand your horizons.

9. Clean up and clean out

Take a tour of your home and throw out everything you do not use – be it clothes, kitchen items, furniture, etc. When you clean up and out the outside, it often also gives a little more interior ro.

10. Think positive

Draw a small red dot on your hand, and every time you see it during the day, stop and think of something positive – such as “I am super amazing” or “I can do this well. “

What do you do to keep your spirits up and become a better person? Share your tips too.