Reco Jefferson is an Air Force veteran and innovative entrepreneur who’s helped dozens of individuals and achieve their goals and live better lives.

In this article, Reco shares some of his biggest tips on avoiding stress and achieving success in whatever you do. Stick around, you’ll find this useful.

Avoiding Burnout

Let’s face facts; burnout is a pain in the neck. Whenever we experience this, we go through a state of mental and physical exhaustion. And as an entrepreneur, this can cost us a lot and reduce our overall output.

In light of this topic, Reco recommends that you focus on just a few tasks per day. What Reco does is that he writes out his task the night prior to the next day and includes a couple of goals that he should reach for. It’s not a must that the goals should be achieved, rather, they can be used as something to focus on rather than throwing your thoughts all over.

Warding Off Stress

Stress is something we all face. It can be caused by a variety of reasons; a job interview, a speech, or maybe something as simple as hanging out with friends.

As an entrepreneur, Reco admits that he often faces stressful situations. When you’re undergoing a stressful situation, Reco suggests that you literally take a breather and remember that things don’t have to be done immediately. Taking a step back will give you more time to think about ways to help bring you out from whatever stressful situation you’re facing.

Drawing Inspiration 

What keeps you motivated? You know, that thing you look up to in times of struggle. For some of us, it might be a mentor; for others, it might be the reward we get at the end.

To Reco, motivation comes from knowing that he has thousands of people that see him online and hundreds of people in real life that are rooting for him to succeed. 

“I don’t want to let anyone down, so I work harder every single day.”- Reco shares.

Achieving Success

To achieve success,  Reco suggests that you start by doing the little things. Don’t try and skip the process, instead, enjoy it.  You should focus on perfecting your systems for one probe t before moving on the other. 

“It’s all about repetition. You’re not going to be an expert day one. No one is. But if you do something enough, you’ll eventually get skilled at it.”- Reco


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