Tanner James, the founder and CEO of Tansocial. He dropped out of college after a mere 2 weeks and since that day he has built a company like no other. Tanner focuses a lot on company culture and is a very relationship-driven individual. These company values since then have spread like wildfire to all of Tansocial’s client base and anyone with whom he personally interacts. He is driven with the simple motive of helping anyone he can.

In this article Tanner shares his biggest distress tips, how he avoids burnout & more.

Biggest distress tips 

Having useful distress tips goes a long way to maintaining careers happily. Tanner states how stress comes along no matter what, and one of his biggest distress tips is to meditate. He suggests to take yourself out of a situation and do it consistently, this helped his anxiety and got rid of insecurities he had. Another tip Tanner recommends is to go outside and get out of the environment you are in. James adds onto this by saying “Forget what you are doing and go do the thing you enjoy and then come back to the situation.”

Avoiding burnout

With burnout days just around the corner when facing a busy career, Tanner fights stressful days off by staying hydrated and meditating 3 times a day. He does this consistently and knows this is what helps him without fail. James also goes for walks or just finds something to distract himself from the stress, trying to keep his mind focused on other things to move on.

Making successful habits 

Successful habits are a must for anybody no matter what, it’s a universal thing. Something Tanner suggests to keep up a successful habit is to wake up at the same time everyday, this will naturally give a stable routine to your body, helping you wake up refreshed and ready to start the day. The last tip James shares is to make a list of everything you need to get done the night before, this will help you make sure you complete your tasks, as well as take away unnecessary stress of wondering/forgetting to get something done. 


There’s countless things that can be the source for one’s motivation, with this being said, a huge motivator for Tanner is family. Especially since growing up there was never any extra money to go around in his family. His brother is also a huge motivator for him. His brother has down syndrome and he sees his brother work so hard to accomplish tasks that we may take for granted. Family is what pushed him to keep going, keeping them in his thoughts to help him never give up. 


  • Johnny Medina

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