Yik Chan has enlisted his name amongst one of the most impactful and successful entrepreneurs. Born in 1993, Yik Chan hails from Hong Kong. His e-Commerce skill sets are acknowledged around the globe.

E-commerce seems to be everywhere these days. You can’t go online without seeing article after article proclaiming that e-commerce is destroying brick and mortar stores. Similar to it’s ability to attract new customers, e-commerce theoretically allows you to sell to customers without geographical limitations. Now this, of course, depends on how far you’re willing to ship a product, but the opportunity is there.

In this day and age, times are changing. More people are looking to be their own bosses and be in charge of their own futures. The internet makes this goal more accessible than ever, and ecommerce is one exciting avenue for success. Trust is the glue on a successful long-term relationship, whether it’s between romantic partners or a retailer and their customers, and it also happens to be the natural result of honesty and consistency. The e-commerce industry is booming. More and more successful e-commerce businesses have been popping up recently, each with their unique success stories.

From being a student to hiring one, entrepreneur Yik Chan has inspired mass through his impeccable journey. He is a proud owner of 4 companies in 4 different industries: Travel, e-Commerce, Education and Real Estate Investment. From his experiences in multiple fields, he sets an example for every budding businessman to focus on giving to the society before earning money. He motivates people to generate employment and contribute to society as an entrepreneur. If someone just wants to bank in a lot of money while harming society, he/she will lose everything

His teachings, actions and approach rightly reflect his belief that the only purpose that we are alive is to contribute back to society! He believes that companies that are making big money are the ones creating an equal amount of value to the community. He states he has a dream to uplift 1 million people and he wants a group of entrepreneurs to contribute in this effort and make this happen together.

He says that Money is just a bonus when one focuses on the opportunities one provides to the youth. Entrepreneurs are the leaders of the world, to be a leader one needs to equip with a mindset to contribute to the people. During struggling days, he faced a lot of difficulties into finding reliable and helpful sources that can guide him. He carried a notebook and jotted down everything he had learnt for 7 years with over 200K USD invested in mentorship. After learning from different successful people, he noticed a common trait in them all: a pure mission to help humanity. And this is the knowledge he imparts to the mass.

In school, we have teachers. In sports, we have coaches. In life, we have our parents or family members. But for business, beginners tend to overlook this step, believing they can make it on their own despite the obvious lack of experience.

Arguably, the most crucial element of this puzzle, the one that separates the successes from the failures, is investing in courses or mentors. The best teachers won’t use materialism to win you over, they will use their teachings and results from their students.