“Anxiety and stress go hand in hand, especially when you are an entrepreneur. These emotions, not always properly identified, can result in several more serious problems that affect the health as a whole and, consequently, the business” says Yogesh Rao.

This theme is currently widely discussed as something that affects the employees of a company. However, very little is discussed about how much it also affects entrepreneurs. The truth is that these people who are recurrently subjected to pressure, responsibilities and a work rhythm that often has no time to finish, are very affected by these diseases.

So that you can identify if you are suffering from anxiety and stress, prevent yourself and take action, let’s talk more about the subject. Check out!

What Is The Relationship Between Anxiety And Stress?

Both anxiety and stress are related to instinctive and natural human reactions. Before they become a problem, they are even beneficial.

Anxiety refers to a state of alertness in the face of a challenge or threat. Therefore, it is a response aimed at preparing the person to deal with a stressful situation. Stress is the body’s response to this same type of situation, a kind of defense. These reactions are intended to stimulate the body to provide a faster response to urgent situations.

Therefore, we can say that anxiety is a kind of “intuition” about an event to come. While stress is a reaction to this state, it facilitates the agility in responding to the pressure situation when it occurs. Therefore, the relationship between these emotions is basically inevitable.

When Do Anxiety And Stress Become Harmful?

Given what we said, as sporadic, punctual and controlled reactions, anxiety and stress are natural. The problem is when this starts to become recurrent or, worse, happens without being associated with a specific situation.

It is at this point that you should start to worry about anxiety and stress as something that can harm you. In this context, one should not wait to take action, it is essential to seek help from a professional.

Note, therefore, the recurrence and intensity with which stress and anxiety affect you. Assess in which contexts this occurs, whether they are “justifiable” or are presenting themselves in everyday situations.

How Do Anxiety And Stress Harm Your Business?

The answer to that question is actually quite simple. A business involves a series of rational decisions that need to be made in a balanced and calm way. A stressed and anxious person will exchange their feet for hands.

In addition, it should be considered in this context that the manager is a reference for other employees, a weighting factor for the company’s image before investors, partners and the like. If your emotional state is shaken, it will show and it can interfere in the relationship with these sectors.

Therefore, once you realize you are suffering from anxiety and stress, try to take steps to alleviate it. Physical exercise, a hobby and therapy are among the solutions.

Yogesh Rao is an entrepreneur, email marketer and investor who lives in UAE and loves to share tips on regular bases related to entrepreneurship. In case you need any guide you can follow Yogesh Rao on facebook and Instagram.