The Blame Game

Everyone’s to blame. It’s everyone’s fault that your life sucks. It’s because they were born with better parents, more money, more opportunities.

You just couldn’t get it right – you didn’t win the jackpot in life….

So, I guess there’s no other choice than to continue hating yourself, wishing you had what others had, and wallowing in your own inadequacy.


That’s the all too familiar voice of envy telling you to give up.

Every time you go on social media, scroll on your timeline or visit someone’s LinkedIn, there’s an urge to compare your life with others.

The mindless scrolling and private viewing has lead you to declare, “woe is me,” and point your finger at others as if their fortunes are to blame.

But, we all know what happens when we point our fingers out at others – we find four fingers pointing directly back at us.

A Critical Thought

Consider this: maybe you should evaluate your real power in harnessing your success and stop demanding answers from others.

If you carefully considered the year we had, you would start looking for answers within.

For example – how did some people get fired from major corporations and “bounce back”, while others barely made it through.

We went through a global pandemic that wrecked out economy, job market and healthcare and ordinary/average “folk” somehow learned new skills, started business and invested in themselves.

This isn’t an invitation to peer into the comebacks of others, but what if we stopped strategizing a million ways to do and JUST DID.

Walt Disney famously quoted, “They way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

The more we talk about everything not concerning us, the more we actually invest in others’ growth which depletes our own.

The time it took to stalk your internet “arch” enemy could have been spent updating your website.

The words you dedicated to bashing someone online could have been words in your book.

The energy dedicated toward hating on someone’s come-up could have easily been directed toward your business plan.

And yes, we all have our off days – times when we don’t feel like doing anything productive, and would rather laze around in the bed and eat bonbons.

But, if you make this a habit, your success will soon become out of reach.

Photo by Jose Silvia from Burst

Envy Banishing Solutions

Instead, you can train yourself to avoid envying others by keeping certain practices:

  • Blocking certain social media accounts
  • Limiting usage of technology/devices
  • Writing yourself a letter of the life you want
  • Getting busy creating the life of your dreams
  • Keeping accountability with trustworthy people

So yes, while you may have the urge to creep on your neighbor, spy on someone’s highlight reel, or bash someones’ fortunes, think about how much effort could be spent building yours.