International Womens Day 2019

It’s coming to the close of International Women’s Day, and I’m not sure how I feel?
What an incredible day to celebrate, women’s rights on an even keel!

At least, that’s what they say but I can’t seem to shift, the doubt, the shame, the sorrow,
The suffragettes, the Pankhurst sisters, the men and women who said “no!”
We won’t stand by and see our sisters cry, excluded or harassed,
We can vote and we can work, our brains they work the same!
All the campaigning and all the fighting, we promise it hasn’t been in vain,
Just take a look, 100+ years – what more is there left to gain?

Hmmmm, perhaps… and truly it’s grand, to vote and work and speak…
but you see I just can’t be grateful for something that should be ‘equal’ – the same, for you and me.

It IS the same, this is getting silly, why can’t you just be happy?! – Feminists, the lot of you, you’re just angry, entitled and stroppy!’’

Is it the same for you? I’m so terribly sorry. Men of the world, I did not know.

If it’s the same, let me apologise and let me be the first to say,
You should not have to put up with all that you do. Every. Single. Day.

I’m sorry for the way you’re spoken to, overlooked and often ignored.
Unless of course, you’re easy on the eye, and then you’ll just be cat called.
Do you feel uncomfortable? No, probably not, because my stature is of no threat,
You’ve also not been raised to know, whatever we want is a pretty safe bet!

I’m so sorry that you’re victim blamed, that it’s insisted you walk in groups,
You understand tough? it’s better to be safe, we aren’t responsible for what we may do.
Keep your keys in your hand if you do walk alone! don’t smile, don’t stop, just hurry on home.

I’m sorry that this still won’t keep you safe, I’m sorry that society may look the other way.
But sometimes, you know, we just have a bad day.
Those clothes you were wearing though, an obvious green light,
And for goodness sake, you were walking at night!

I’m sorry for the inequality, of approximately 24%, but are you sure you want the same?
If you make it up here you’ll only whinge, about your ‘derogatory’ pet name.
Sometimes I feel like we just can’t win, and after everything we’ve given you!
What more do you want, we’ve tried our best – we even simplify and double check.

I’m sorry too for the lack of representation – but are you sure you want the same?
You’re not even funny, and even if you were, you’re just a bit of a ‘plain Jane’.
Chubby too, and that’s not cool – not if ‘YOU’RE’ going to be on TV,
It’s okay for us though, and that’s what you’ll believe – now are you starting to see?

It’s an indoctrination that goes as high as the courts, but by numbers it’s worse if you want to play sports. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll allow you to play! You just won’t get coverage in the same way.

There’s so much more that I could say, I could apologise 500 other ways.

Instead, I have a gift for you – symbolic and without expectation,
FUNCTIONAL pockets for all of your clothes – a new trend that I hope, is soon to sweep the nation!