If you or your team are feeling restless in 2021, you’re far from alone. New stresses, new work situations, and continued uncertainty about the future are all contributing to restless feelings throughout many industries. People are unsure what plans to make, struggling to focus, and generally feeling like there should be something more.

Eric Baird believes that’s fine: Restlessness is a classic example of a problem that’s also an opportunity – and there are healthy ways to deal with it. Here are Eric Baird’s suggestions for using that restlessness to create new ideas and approaches that will benefit everyone.

Eric Baird Suggests Starting with a New Approach

Restlessness is often a subconscious sign that things need to change in some way for your personal happiness or the success of your project – although it’s not always clear how they should change. Fortunately, with today’s many vendors, platforms, and apps, it’s usually possible to make a try at least a few approaches.

Eric Baird advises starting with alternative software because it’s an easy step and free trial periods make it a low-cost option to investigate. Are you interested in a new project management system? New inventory controls? Enhanced budgeting software? Simply a new text editor? Try a few out: If nothing else, you’ll have a better idea of the features that you really do want and what seems to be missing.

Take Time Out of the Day to Exercise

Restlessness is also a sign that’s it’s time to take a break, get up, and move around. Eric Baird suggests setting time apart in the middle of the day specifically for exercise. Even if you can’t get to a gym easily, a jog or walk around the block can still be just the break you need. It will help reset our body, clear our mind, and may show you exactly what’s been feeling wrong lately.

Find One New Person to Network with a Day

Restlessness can also be a sign of missing potential. Eric Baird likes the idea of setting a simple goal like contacting someone new every day with a simple message. Reach out to someone you want to network with, someone you’d like to collaborate with, someone whose work you have really appreciated, a person you would like as a mentor, someone who may be able to offer simple advice, a leader or team you would rather work for – and so on. Keep at it, and Eric Baird Believes chances are good you’ll find new opportunities, discussions, and ideas for the future.

Write Down What is Most Annoying You Right Now

When restlessness is distracting you from your goals, take a moment to examine your feelings and thoughts. Eric Baird suggests noting down the top several things that are annoying you right now, personal or professional. Take a look at the list and try to find a step you can take to help deal with one of the top annoyances. Keep repeating the practice, and deal with your annoyances on your own turf.

Start Saving for a Dream Goal

Even if you aren’t sure why you’re restless now, chances are good that you’ll realize it eventually. What you can do now to make a difference and help feel better is start setting aside money, unallocated funds that you can use for whatever you want in the future. Eric Baird advises that this monthly savings habit can be useful in your personal life or your business. Then, when inspiration strikes, you’ll have some resources to get to work.