Efficient, powerful and connected teams.

To better understand yourself at the neurological, psychological, and social levels is to work more effectively to your own goals, and those of your team.

With a deep understanding of this insight, social entrepreneur Erin McConlogue founded Lumiere Sciences, a tech-education platform providing collaboration-focussed training and professional development tools and resources, supported by validated scientific research.

Erin’s background is in conflict management, corporate training and martial arts instruction. She has global experience working on intercultural peace projects.

She is inspired by Da Vinci’s saying that “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art,” because her work is rooted in a genuine care for people.

Lumiere Sciences’ methodology

Erin works as part of a close-knit team of experts. Her mom, Nancy McConlogue, pioneered research on the 7 Roles of effective teams, and Sydney Romanov is the charismatic lead facilitator.

The educational sessions are led by Romanov and a team of coaching and engagement experts, and seek to empower corporate teams by exploring “The 7 Roles Framework.” Nancy McConlogue’s research defines that a successful team requires the combination of seven different archetypes: Prophet, Implementor, Conceptualizer, Luminary, Investor, Organizer, and Team Builder. All 7 of these Roles exist within us and the program is a guided exploration to discover these skill sets within yourself and your team. This includes identifying strengths and weaknesses, and how team members complement one another to deliver maximum effectiveness.

The 7 Roles Framework has been rolled out at Google, Slack and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support group dynamic harmonization, and personal and team growth, which produces the natural bi-products of increased sales, workforce retention and improved return on investment (ROI). Lumiere facilitators are referred to as orchestrator conductors for corporate teams. Through thought-provoking research, they help teams unify, harmonize and produce well together.

Romanov leads an international symposium called ‘Lumiere Talks’ gathering a noteworthy lineup of women executives that aspire to share tangible advice in an engaging forum, the next event listed for 26th of February. Lumiere Talks invites a wide range of speakers from professional ballerinas to tech-giant VPs and creates an online space for people to engage with professionals around the world.

Where’s Lumiere going?

Lumiere’s achievements are significant. Romanov has grown the Lumiere Talks international women’s symposium into a global player and the team has led Lumiere Sciences to become a trusted corporate partner within months of launching.

2021 is going to be another important year for the collaboration-focused business. Erin’s team is launching a new SaaS e-learning platform to scale training in the 7 Roles Framework, tripling the team of facilitators and rolling out a facilitation certification program.  

Erin and Lumiere Sciences are ones to watch for 2021 and onward. Backed by Nancy McConlogue’s psychological research and Romanov’s engaging leadership, Lumiere’s interconnected philosophy for business, health, and community charts a new path forward.