Ask anyone – what do they want – and the answer will be emotions like – happiness, contentment, success, achievement, peace – All describing a world thats inside us, thats intangible.

Ask a second question – what do you do – and the answers will talk about actions in physical world like job, business, cook etc – a world thats “outside” of us, thats tangible, can be seen and touched.

Is there a relation between the two worlds ?

We go to a party to feel happy, we eat out so we can be happy, we go on a vacation to be happy…….

We achieve a lot in business and job to feel content …….

In essence, we are doing a lot in the outer world to feel nice inside. 

Check for yourself, does the equation work this way ? If this were so, the sages, yogis, babas, hermits, would be the most unhappy – are they?    The rich, famous, flamboyant would be most happy – are they?

But then if party, eating, vacations cannot give us happiness, what will ?  The answer is- we are already happy. Dont believe? Neither did i.  Why dont we experience this happiness then?  because some negative thoughts superimpose a feeling of misery over the innate happiness.

This is very deep and needs to be explored and understood. What do you think ?  Write back at [email protected]