Man surfs ocean wave

In 2020 travel has become constrained due to limitations imposed by the coronavirus. Planes are grounding, people are quarantined, and many recreational areas including beaches, are closed during this time.

And, of course, it goes without saying, that many people are missing the beach right now.

Ethical streetwear brand Hawaï à La Baule offers a transportive experience that people desire with its original beachwear reminiscent of “big 80s” style, taking people beachside through its unique fashions.

Hawaï à La Baule, was born out of conceptual takes on both Hawaii and La Baule, France. Though thousands of miles apart, they share a general likeness and similarity in culture. Hawaï à La Baule’s streetwear line is unique and original but also reminiscent of big 80’s beachwear. The brand has a deep connection and understanding of street code and lingo associated with extreme sports such as BMX, skating and surfing. With styles for both men and women, Hawaï à La Baule epitomizes the chic La Baule lifestyle and Hawaiian cool, which makes it more than a product but an experience.

Created for the in crowd that enjoys the beaches, the concrete, and travel, Hawaï à La Baule  provides the escapism people are seeking all over the world. The brand is both colorful and sustainable, with each piece being woven in organic cotton and or recycled polyester. All pieces are developed in France.

Founded by France-based Xavier Petit-Jean-Boret, Boret’s passion for design came from his mother, who also worked in fashion and for major brands such as Balenciaga and YSL.

Hawaii at La Baule is accessible, fair trade, vegan, organic and ecofriendly. The fashion line ticks all the revolutionary boxes that lead to positive disruption of the fashion industry.  Imaginative, responsible, and in touch with contemporary issues, they transpose their fashion revolution in the form of their own visionary T-shirts and Sweat-shirts, perfect for sport and lifestyle.

“Hawaii at La Baule is not a trivial story. It’s a lifestyle story, a way of thinking and consuming, commented founder Xavier Petit-Jean-Boret.

Learn more about Hawaii at La Baule here.


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