For entrepreneurs who are creating wealth opportunities for thousands of people and carrying the burden of responsibility on their shoulders, it’s easy to succumb to stress and lose balance. Owners often need to find ways to get their minds off of their companies in order to return refreshed. Evan Tsaboukos, the founder and owner of the sports investment company The Cash Kings, credits meditation and taking a step back as his secret to success.

“When the going gets tough, which it often does, I take a personal day. I’m not in business just for myself. I’m supporting my three sisters, brother, and my parents, too. So there’s a lot on the line. For me, meditation is a game-changer. When I’m too focused on an issue, I step back and get centered. This is how I find my balance so that I could return stronger than before,” he shares.

Tsaboukos can often be found going for long walks and doing exercise. He believes that engaging in physical activity and using his body is one of the best ways to get his mind off of any worries, and it is a trick employed by many stellar entrepreneurs. For example, Sir Richard Branson often goes skydiving or windsurfing and is seen performing numerous adrenaline-boosting activities as a way to distress.

Evan Tsaboukos takes his work very seriously. The Cash Kings is the first of its kind, as a revolutionary sports investment platform out of Australia. It helps people generate wealth with minimal risk and effort. He continues to pour his energy into the business and its growing team of 15 employees. To him, mindset comes first when it comes to his own work as well as his team and their clients. When a potential client approaches and wants to join The Cash Kings but isn’t in the right mindset to do so, Evan says no, even if that means losing money. “I want to educate people and give them what they actually need, as opposed to what they think they need,” he explains.

Evan is poised for massive growth and success in the near future, which is why he makes wellness a priority. To him, scaling consists of two parts: the marketing, team management, and business side, as well as the mindset and mental readiness for what’s to come. Tsaboukos always looks for enthusiastic, energetic people to add to his team, who believe in sustainable growth and aren’t afraid of hard work. He also wants his team to find a good balance to avoid burnout and fatigue.

The entrepreneur is working on some big goals; he wants to scale The Cash Kings and turn it into one of the world’s biggest investment resources. With that said, he always finds the time to spend with family and enjoy the simple things. “I don’t plan on retiring. I work hard, but I always balance that out with seeing my siblings and my parents.” In fact, he poses the question, “If you forget to spend time with your loved ones, why are you even working so hard?” Evan is known as the “superhero” of the handicapping industry for his passion for education and courage to go against the traditional bookie system, which has attracted thousands of loyal followers across the globe.