It’s time for Eve to embrace her power. Destiny be forever changed. The serpent only reminded her of her duality; her innocence lost in the confusion of self, in the Divine, in the world around her. The sacrifices of the feminine have shaped humanity, leaving teardrops at every threshold. Temptation challenged both her strengths and her weaknesses, until she became raw with emotion, searching for holiness in every crevice within herself.

Brought to her knees not by the Divine, but by a paradise which was flawed in the very beginning of its inception, only to ignite shame in perceived wrongdoings of the soul. Reaching for forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge is the beginning of one’s inner work, shedding layers of self to eventually come to the understanding that true knowledge has no form. The nature of paradise is not to condemn. Eve knew that, but questioned her own authenticity at the desire to know more, to feel more, to want more. There is no shame in human emotion, more so confusion. The projection of such emotion which arises out of desperation can inflict pain to self and to others. We are not descendants of original sin, but of a destiny of great power emblazoned by love. The feminine is rising. Take heed of her strength. She will be the bearer of an extraordinary light, and have the ability to bring darkness to its knees. The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge will be forbidden no more. In fact, Eve will forget it even existed as she sources from her own sacredness.