Springtime is more than cleaning out our closets, it’s about embracing renewal, refresh and letting go of things we don’t want anymore. As I sit to think about times when I have started afresh, I realise I am someone who finds it hard to hold onto bad memories and experiences. Sometimes when I am fighting with my loved ones, I tend to forget what I was actually fighting for. I am quick to forgive and forget which also makes me a pushover sometimes. I tend to let go of things which do not bring me happiness but that doesn’t mean I don’t try to repair things. Just like springtime, we only let go of things which are categorised as “clutter”. For everything else, we try to refresh them or even recycle them in new ways. That is how I would like to look at life too. So every dawn is an opportunity for us to do some springtime cleaning. Do you want to hold onto the bad experiences from yesterday? Do you want to let your past shape your present? Do you want to hold onto the “clutter” and the “mess” of your life? You don’t have to wait for a new season, a new start or even for a deep clean to start afresh. Everyday, every single dawn brings with it new possibilities and opportunities to start afresh.

But don’t be in a rush to throw out everything. Sometimes it is beneficial to store something in a cabinet which you may need later. Sometimes recycling or repairing an old piece of cloth or an old relationship can bring bigger and better benefits to you. So think about your spring clean. Remember it is your choice what you want to throw away, what you want to reuse and what you want to hold onto.

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