Every Entrepreneur Struggles With Uncertainty: Here’s How I Learned To Deal With It

Uncertainty is the only certain thing in this world. There are many things which keep business leaders and founders awake late at night. Investors, employees, clients, and everything in between are usually the culprit behind uncertainty that also comes with anxiety and stress. Everyone deals with uncertainty in various ways, yet only few really manage to cope with it in a healthy way.

I, myself, have also been a victim of uncertainty when it comes to running my business. As expected, even if a business is doing great, there are some processes involved that could be very stressful. There are lots of uncertain things happening around me that it is easy to have uncertainty creep into my life.

As I was dwelling on my situation, my trusted mentor told me something that completely changed my perspective. He told me that I need to understand that maturity of mind means being able to endure uncertainty. These simple but profound words seemed to strike a chord inside me.

Uncertainty is always part of our lives, but this doesn’t mean that this should make us feel anxious and crippled. So how, do I deal with uncertainty?

Control is Nothing But an Illusion

It is human nature for you to feel like controlling everything around you. But, it is also believed that fruitless attempts at control are the reason for all sufferings. In particular, business leaders have the tendency of boxing themselves and their entire team in painful situations while trying to control things that can never be controlled in the first place. It can lead to frustration, anger, and irrational decisions. The moment it takes hold, it can easily spread throughout your organization. To foster a functional team and positivity, you have to accept the fact that control is just an illusion. When you stop controlling circumstances, you will be opening yourself to infinite possibilities. Accepting this lets you find positive new ways to reach to challenges you face along the way. After all, your outlook is the only thing you can control.

Self-Awareness is a Must

Self-awareness is an important trait that all team members should nurture and develop. Without this, you can never control how you react to tribulations and trials that life throws your way. It is specifically important for business leaders since their conscious and unconscious actions set the tone for the whole organization. To be self-aware, you have to be open to and recognize things which cause anxiety, negativity, and stress in your life. It lets you prepare your team and yourself for challenging situations in advance. Negativity and positivity are always a choice. You just need to be self-aware to recognize this right away.

Find Joy in All Situations

No matter how challenging things might see, all of us can find joy in different situations. Joy is sometimes found in the challenge itself as this lets you get to know yourself better and grow much stronger. This is a choice only you can make. Looking from the right angle lets you view things in a more positive light. I always challenge my whole team to stop and look for the good thing in all situations they face. With enough practice, the word positivity will become a default part of your personality.