It has been an extremely disturbing couple of months for me, for all the wrong reasons. Mental health falls right on top of the list. I have never witnessed this kind of spate in the suicide rates, among celebrities everywhere. I am only wondering, what would happen to ordinary souls like me or anyone else, who finds it extremely hard to run through a day, without all those breakdowns.

Why is this happening? What is going wrong? Are we doing enough to provide unconditional emotional assistance to our loved ones in their times of need? For somebody like me, lacking a social circle, I am wondering, is it even worth having people around us, who fail to notice even the slightest change in our behavior, yet claim to do so.

What made Benjamin Keough end his life? At 27 years of age! I am not going to get into the well-known details of how much the Presley family has and had been going through. It sounds inappropriate, especially when we are left confused what is going wrong, especially for the Millenial generation, to throw themselves off the cliff, like it was an easy task. I can’t ever imagine the intense mental distress they had been carrying, in their young minds.

From my personal experience, I can already sense the insensitive ignorance displayed towards this act. I have been hearing statements like “How selfish of him/her to commit suicide and leave everyone else in pain”, “Suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness”, etc. and the list goes on. In most cases, especially from where I come, people assume it’s easy to talk it all out, especially when there’s no active listening. Had it been so easy to talk it out, none of these poor souls would have taken the drastic step, would they?

I wish I had the answer to at least one of these questions, so that I can look out for people around me. Depression can be a major silent killer, if not detected quickly. It is a truly sickening feeling. There is something seriously wrong with the way life is going. Social Media, I hope, would play a major role, in the coming times ahead, to help reduce this mental health crisis. It is indeed heartbreaking. I won’t deny I have had thoughts of self-harming. But what is the point? One innocent life’s sniffed out. But, life goes on. This is a deep, dark topic, that needs a ray of light to create better awareness. In the times of lockdown, it would perhaps be helpful to follow few social media accounts pertaining to positive thoughts and fighting depression. People hailing from conservative societies, HAVE GOT TO UNDERSTAND that it is not a deliberate act of hurting oneself or you! You have got to initiate conversations with your kid or loved ones, if you observe the slightest change in their daily behavior. Please do not react to anyone exhibiting any symptom of depression. Ask them if they are feeling okay, before you take their reactions personally. For all of you struggling out there, hang in there, you all❤️.