Does your real estate showroom have everything it takes to impress, delight, transform your customers’ experience and drive sales? Check out what it takes to build a successful showroom in this checklist.

Setting up an impressive real estate showroom requires several cares, careful planning and a lot of understanding of the needs of your potential customers.

Turning a visitor’s curiosity into interest in a property, and that interest into a sale, is not an easy process. Therefore, the qualities of the enterprise alone are not enough to generate sales, it is necessary to have a stand that impresses.

Thinking about contributing to the development of excellent showrooms for your construction company or developer, we have gathered in this content a checklist with everything you need to guarantee a great experience for your visitors.

Read on and learn how to keep your sales booth strategy more organized and structured, just like how the sales team of WaterFront District Block.

A good real estate showroom needs to be planned

The first step in setting up a good real estate showroom is precisely to plan it. Keep in mind that an innovative property sales stand with a differentiated structure will not be built in a day or a few.

Although many professionals do not see the full potential of showrooms, it is necessary to think of it as part of your strategy, so when building your real estate marketing plan, or defining a specific campaign, do not forget to include the sales booth.

To plan your showroom, hold meetings with the sales team and align everything necessary together. It is also important to think about how the space will be, what projects will be offered and how the service will be provided. 

The more ideas that come up in this alignment, the better. Once all the possibilities have been exhausted, it’s time to filter out what might actually work.

In addition, team training is essential. It is necessary that all salespeople and other employees connected to the sales stand are prepared and know the features and defined strategies.

Do not limit training to sales techniques only, but also address aspects related to customer service, organization and even space design.

Finally, be sure to test all the equipment, tools and technologies that will be used in the showroom. Thus, you avoid unforeseen events during meetings and presentations.

Gather all essential materials for the service

The basic materials of your showroom need to be available so as not to disrupt service routines. 

The focus of brokers should be totally focused on the sales effort, and not on small unforeseen events such as not finding a pen to take notes or not having the calculator within their reach to perform the simulation that the customer asked for. 

The basic materials needed will vary depending on your booth, but the most common ones you’ll likely need are:

  • pens and highlighter;
  • Notepads;
  • Calculators;
  • paper clips and staplers;
  • A4 paper format.

But don’t worry, we’ll still present in this content a complete checklist of what you can’t forget in your real estate showroom.

Have a team of brokers available

Due to the facility that the internet provides us, people are less and less willing to wait a long time for a service. In other words, it is essential that the sales stand have a team of brokers available to serve visitors. The longer someone waits without any contact, the less chance of a sale.

Therefore, consider all the aspects that can influence the flow of visitors to your booth to define the number of brokers, such as weekends, disclosure of projects or how many appointments were made.

However, we know that even with a full team, there can be times when everyone is busy. You also need to have a strategy for this. In these cases, as soon as the visitor enters the showroom, someone must direct him to a waiting place, make the first contact and leave him at ease.

Something that can help in these situations are self-service totems and interactive screens, such as Showcase Imóveis, that is mostly used by the team of kingdom valley naya Pakistan.

Invest in the comfort of your visitors

It is inevitable that visitors associate the experience of the sales booth with the property offered. Thus, having a comfortable and pleasant space to receive and serve your potential customers is essential.  

Therefore, when planning your showroom, allocate part of the budget to invest in good armchairs, tables and chairs, as well as air conditioning, coffee, water and snacks to offer visitors.

For the waiting area, make available magazines and materials related to the developments, among other things that can help to entertain people while they are not being attended to.

The real estate showroom must have options for different needs

What do your brokers do if a visitor arrives at the stand, checks the development information, but in the end, ends up not being interested in the property? If the most common practice in these cases is to conform and go for another service, your company is missing out on great opportunities.

The customer was not interested for some reason. The broker’s role is to find out what made the person dislike a particular property, and to understand their real need. Thus, it is possible to show other options that fit what she is looking for.

Is the apartment not ideal because it has only 2 bedrooms and the client has a larger family? Show a larger option with more rooms. The problem is not having space for the pets? Present a development with a good structure, such as a balcony, pet place and walking path.

You need to adapt your sales pitch to your customer’s needs and goals. Don’t stick to just one option. And speaking of sales pitch, we have some tips for that too.

Put together a good sales pitch

We’ve already shown the importance of adapting your speech to different customer needs. But even so, it is essential to have arguments planned and prepared to sell your projects.

The commercial team needs to thoroughly study all the characteristics, differentials and advantages of the projects and show security when speaking because a given property is the best option for the client.

In addition, when aligning with brokers, take the opportunity to raise all possible objections, doubts and customer feedback during a presentation. This will help you find the best arguments to sidestep objections, continually improve your sales pitch, and simplify the customer journey.

It is normal for people to show resistance and ask several questions, after all, the purchase of property means a big step in their lives. Therefore, if the broker is unable to answer a question, it is essential that he write down the question to be prepared in a similar situation.

Don’t forget the project’s promotional material

It is also necessary to pay attention to the project’s publicity material. Try to create an omnichannel experience, where the same information that the customer found on digital channels is available in the showroom.

A good informative material also helps to optimize the work of brokers, as it removes some of the client’s basic doubts, enabling the seller to act more as a consultant.

With that in mind, prepare a complete material that stands out visually. Having the project’s technical file, masterplan, price list, plans and other information is also essential.

Support processes and tools for brokers

Some processes and tools can support brokers, whether in the quest to delight customers, or even in the internal organization of information in the sales booth.

Our first tip is to use a CRM, which is nothing more than a sales management software. Your brokers will be able to register all commercial opportunities, calls, appointments and visits in the CRM, and thus maintain an efficient follow-up with customers.

With CRM it is also possible to have a much more strategic analysis and keep track of the most important metrics.

Another tool that can help is the location map. The address of the enterprise and its surroundings can convince your customers and influence the entire negotiation.

Finally, the showroom needs to impress its visitors, and for that, Showcase Imóveis is the ideal solution. With a complete interactive catalog, you have less effort and more arguments to sell, as well as a great visual impact and ease for your customers.

Checklist so you don’t forget anything

We’ve prepared a list so you don’t forget any details:

  • Stationery: A4 paper, notepads, many salesperson pens, highlighter pens, paper clips, staplers, concealer, calculators;
  • Technology: good wi-fi internet, notebooks, Aqua interactive screens, landline or cell phones, television for videos, printers, scanner for documents;
  • Communication material: folders, presentations, pamphlets, gifts, sign indicating “Brokers on duty”, booth adhesiveing, nameplate for bathrooms and kitchen, external and internal visual communication with the main highlights of the project (facade preview, footage, number of rooms and vacancies…);
  • Complete information about the projects: customers ask all kinds of questions. Have plans, execution schedule, licensing, maps of the region and anything that can be useful to answer. If your booth features the company’s complete catalogue, have a centralized catalog of all projects. Showcase can help as it can tie all of this information together;
  • Support resources for brokers: project datasheets, financing tables, rules for discounts and financing, training material with the main differentials, Showcase Imóveis with the project’s complete catalog, agenda with all useful telephone numbers;
  • Processes: system for scheduling visits, definition of work order and shifts, definition of service journey (example: registration at reception, broker receives client, understanding of client’s needs, initial presentation, visit to the decor, understanding of perception from the customer, wait or not for the customer to request values, table presentation, scheduling a new conversation, registering information in CRM, connecting via WhatsApp…);
  • Safety material: fire extinguishers, nameplate and location of extinguishers, emergency exit signs, first aid kit and other items indicated by the Fire Department and its labor safety inspector.
  • Pharmacy and health: headache remedies, dressings, dental floss, toothpaste, repellents, sunscreen; 
  • Stand architecture: large windows to show the interior of the stand, stand-up area (with touch screens, adhesive panels or mockup), service desks (usually for the final phase of service and negotiation), cafezinho area, warehouse materials, bathrooms, children’s play area while parents visit the booth, decorated environment (entire apartment or prominent room), multimedia room, air conditioning, protected area for storing documents, lockable drawers;
  • Miscellaneous materials: glass and coffee cups, sugar, coffee, tea, repellent, toilet paper, cleaning material (broom, floor cloth, bucket, squeegee, cleaning cloths, detergent, washing powder, glass cleaner… .), plug adapters, cell phone chargers of all models (iPhone, Samsung etc). 

Ufa. Have we forgotten something?

Ready to build your real estate showroom?

We hope that with this content you will be able to gather everything that is essential to set up a good real estate showroom and boost the sales of your projects. 

Among the main practices and strategies for sales stands, we talk about the importance of aligning with the sales team, investing in the comfort of your visitors and having all the necessary materials for service, among other points.

We also emphasize the need to have processes and tools that optimize work in the showroom and help impress your customers. 

So, if you want to bring more modernity and practicality to your service, click below to know all the advantages and functionalities of Showcase and talk to our consultants at kingdom valley Islamabad.


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