Do you get bitten by an insect when you sleep or when you are motionless for several hours on your sofa, in a waiting room, in public transport…? Have you sprayed different insecticides and still wake up with insect bites on your skin? You may have found small spots of blood in your sheets or noticed small black spots on your bedding (only in the case of fairly old infestation), this is one of the symptoms that do not deceive, you are undoubtedly a victim of a  bedbug infestation!

Also, be aware that there are a large number of bedbug infestations or there are no traces or clues visible to the naked eye. The only way to be sure you are infested with bed bugs and not another insect is to be bitten ONLY after being motionless for more than two hours (bed, chair, sofa, the seat of the plane, train, cinema, hospital, etc.). All the other insects will bite you, day or night or as soon as you set foot in your home.

Also, bedbugs do not bite all the occupants of a dwelling and are the only insects to choose a quality of skin and blood. All the other insects bite all the inhabitants of the infested place indifferently. In general, in 80% of cases, they look for the thinnest skin, so start with children, women and then men.

On the other hand, it is imperative to treat the entire house or infested place because this transporting the bedbugs on textiles migrates according to your movements. For example, in 90% of cases, when a couple sleeps in the same bed, only one of them is bitten. It certainly does not mean that there are only on the right or left of the bed, but simply that they have identified blood that corresponds to them.

What is a bed bug?

Bedbugs are insects visible to the naked eye. The size of an apple seed, they are wingless and identifiable by their brown color. They are generally found along the seams of mattresses on which they leave excrement and brownish stains. This pest is active especially at night and feeds on the blood of humans.

Bedbug bites are itchy, which can cause sleep disturbances, fatigue, and anxiety. People affected by bedbugs may feel ashamed and become socially isolated.

Are bedbugs visible to the naked eye?

Yes. Bedbugs measure 3 to 7 mm and are the size and shape of an apple seed. They are reddish-brown. You can see them under the sheets of your bed, along the seams and at the edge of the mattresses.

What should I do if I think my home is infested with bedbugs?

First, try to detect their presence. By lifting the sheets at night, you can spot small insects the size of an apple seed. You can also see traces of excrement and blood on the edges and seams of the mattresses. If this observation is positive, act quickly because the problem can quickly get worse.

If you are a tenant, you must report their presence as soon as possible to the owner or manager of the building. The owner must call an exterminator to check for the presence of these harmful insects and destroy them.

Do bedbugs transmit disease?

No, bedbugs do not transmit the disease to humans.

Do bedbugs live on humans?

Unlike lice or other parasites, bedbugs do not live on humans. In the case of a very large infestation, they can be found on the body of a person who has severe physical or mental disabilities that prevent him from hunting them. Bedbugs do not live on animals and do not transmit disease.

How long can the bedbug live without eating?

The lifespan of adult bedbugs is about 5 months if they feed regularly. Without food, they can survive in a dormant state for more than a year.

Do bedbugs lodge on mattresses?

They usually stand on the beds or near the beds. They also lodge in cracks in walls, floors or bedroom furniture. If their population is large, they will migrate to other rooms in the house. They can be found in armchairs and upholstered furniture, in electrical outlets or behind tables. If the infestation is not eradicated, after a few weeks, they will try to move to neighbor homes.

What should I do with a bedbug-infested mattress?

Steam-infested mattresses can be steamed or wrapped in an anti-mite / anti-bug cover. A qualified exterminator can apply the appropriate treatment and advise you on the measures to be taken. If he recommends that you throw away your mattress, it is strongly advised to lacerate it or mark it with cylinder paint and wrap it in a plastic container before placing it outside.

Are bedbugs resistant to insecticides?

Some strains of bedbugs have developed resistance to insecticides especially if these products are overused. However, extermination companies use a variety of chemical methods to eliminate bedbugs in a home.

Are bedbugs found in less advantaged neighborhoods or substandard housing?

Bedbugs can infest both clean and unsanitary homes. It is a parasitic insect that does not take into account the living conditions of individuals. On the other hand, people living in multi-unit buildings and condominiums are more vulnerable because bedbugs can more easily spread from one dwelling to another.


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