As the winner of the 3rd Season of The Bachelor in Paradise, a contestant on The Bachelor of Paradise Australia, AND a contestant on The Bachelorette, Grant Kemp is no stranger to Hollywood– and the personalities that come along with it.

His debut single, “No More Roses,” releasing on May 14 via Terrible Children Records, is a punk-pop-rock ballad that tells of Kemp’s struggles with heartbreak, fallout, and finding genuine relationships on the reality show. 

(Behind the scenes shot, with Grant Kemp and an Actress dressed as one of the bachelor contestants)

 “I wrote ‘No More Roses’  because I was sick of people asking me if I found love on TV. People don’t understand everything that goes on behind the scenes with reality shows. It would’ve been more fun if people just admitted they were there for clout,” Kemp lamented. 

While he may have a recognizable face from the reality show, Kemp has always had an affinity for rock-and-roll and creating music. 

(Behind the scenes from the music video: Grant Kemp and an Actress mimicking a “one on one” date) 

“I’ve been involved in music since I was a little skater kid that played drums. I remember playing drums with no shirt on and a spitfire hat thinking I was Travis Barker.”  This song encapsulates that young fury of heartbreak and is sure to get everyone off their feet. 

Kemp, along with his team created his hit not only to honor his time on the show but to pay homage to his mental state during and after the show. On set of the music video(shown below) is a producer, Adam Mansfield, who actually worked on The Bachelor for 11 years! Mansfield eventually parted ways with the franchise, after a not so happy ending.

(On set for the music video of, “ No More Roses”) (Right to Left: Grant Kemp,Giovanni Carbajal, Adam Mansfield)

Terrible Children Records, the label that is releasing the single, is an independent collective based out of Nashville. Founded in 2020 by C.E.O Mo Brown, the label aims to grant more power to artists by allowing complete creative freedom and delivering fair and upright agreements.  

“My goal with this record label is to be fair to everyone in the creative process. What is ‘music’ to those that create it? I want to restructure and simplify the artist deal, I don’t want to traditionally SIGN artists, I want them to JOIN this movement,” He stated. 

Other significant artists signed with the label are hip hop sensation Icy Narco, who already boasts an ever-growing audience and millions of plays on streaming platforms, and Kelsie Watts, a former contestant on ABC’s “The Voice”. 

About Terrible Children Entertainment Group LLC:

Terrible Children is an American collective and label focused on songwriting, production and artist development.

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