Two little letters

Words have power and I love to play with them to shift my mindset…Let’s take the word, “pandemic.” Thoughts could be shifted by adding two letters, just two, E and X to make, “Expandemic.”

Negativity Bias says…

I know, your first thoughts might be of expanding waistlines or debt or anxiety. This is understandable, first due to our ingrained negativity bias and second because one easy answer to boredom is overeating, then there is the inability to work which leads to growing debt, not to mention having no clue what is going to happen next: bring on the anxiety. 

These automatic thoughts shrink our power in the moment to bypass our negativity bias, and rethink, “Expandemic” from the positive side. Make it Expand—emic as it relates to what want to expand.

Shrink or EXPAND

How has this unique time in history expanded your life instead of shrinking it? Maybe your relationships with family have improved, maybe you’ve re-connected with friends from far away, maybe you’ve become an adept gardener, budding musician, avid reader, expert napper… 


What we focus on expands, so why not chose to increase the good stuff? At least until this Expand—emic is an EX-pandemic. 

Focus on more ZZZZZZ’s

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