Health and fitness hold a very significant place among everyone. Your lifestyle depends upon the nutrition you consume in a day to day basis. If you are into fitness, supplements are a part and parcel to have a fit body. Merely organic food would not make an impact on the human body. Chase Campbell’s ‘Size Up’ is a popular supplement brand which offers the best supplements to consumers. With its phenomenal presence online, it has 8 offline stores across the USA out of which 6 are in Michigan and one each in LV and Florida. His brand fulfils all the requirements of fitness enthusiasts, be it BCAA, pre-workouts, post-workouts, whey proteins and fat burners. The brand also has its own apparel line and is expanding at a rapid pace. Thrive Global got in touch with the man himself where he spoke everything about his brand.

Q: What was your main motive behind establishing your own brand Size Up?

A: Well, at first it wasn’t something I expected to grow to where it is now. When I started, I was looking for ways to make some money on the side to help support my family. As time went on and I saw the potential, I gave it everything I had and never looked back. I saw a void in the industry and filled the gap. This was before Amazon and eBay, in general, were the size they currently are though, it definitely would be a lot tougher with that same approach today but still, it is possible.

Q: Is there any significance behind your brand name?

A: When I first started (before there was even a name) I only used to sell 2lb proteins. As time went by, numerous people told me something along the lines of; “Man you need the Size Up in those proteins” eventually I liked the ring of it and stuck to it.

Q: Besides the low price, how is your supplement brand different from other brands?

A: Well, Size Up is not a singular brand, it is a retail store that sells over 500 different brands, similar to a GNC or Vitamin Shoppe.

Q: Size Up is majorly into health supplements and apparel. What’s next for the brand?

A: We plan on opening more brick and mortar locations across the US later this year and even possibly our first out of country location, but the country is a secret. Can’t tell until it happens (laughs).

Q: What are the challenges you faced while starting your brand?

A: I could probably write a book on this one, pretty much anything that could possibly be a challenge was a challenge. I started Size Up when I was an 18-year-old kid. I never took a business class and never had a mentor. My parents had no money to the point of we lost our house which resulted in us moving into my aunt’s house. I didn’t have any credit yet so I couldn’t take out a loan or get a credit card. I didn’t have any connects in the supplement industry or have a storefront. In the beginning, I used to drive my Grand Prix around all day making deliveries to whoever wanted an order that day.

Q: Who do you credit for the massive success of Size Up?

A: Not really one specific person but more of the group of guys who’s been with the company since the beginning and saw Size Up evolve to what it is today. My parents always told me to be happy and love what I do so without that mindset going into it, I don’t think it would have turned into anything more. Also, one of my best friends to this day KristjanSufaj put the first store in his name since mine got declined for not having any credit so without that I don’t think Size Up would have ever got out of the trunk of my car.

Q: Any advice for today’s youth?

A: Never give up. No matter how crazy people tell you your idea is or how many people tell you; “That will never work” don’t listen to it. Instead, use it as fuel to keep the engine running. I truly believe anything is possible if you work hard enough and don’t quit early. When I opened the first Size Up store, it became my life. I worked there every day. Don’t try to plan your life, that’s only going to set yourself up for failure. Too many people I grew up with thought they had their entire life planned after high school down to the year. Problem was the majority of them who said, “Be a lawyer by 30” could never do that because they dropped out of college after a semester. Take things slow and appreciate the small things in life. I bet you, those small things that you take for granted will mean the most to you down the road.