I got to speak to one of the industries big up and coming Lead Wellness Specialist’s in hormone replacement and peptide therapy. Getting a chance to understand the mindset it takes to work with hundreds and thousands of people all across the country to help bring value to their lives.

Being able to talk to someone that deals with an intense version of customer service was a great expereince. When dealing in customer service it can be easy to lose your cool and be negative with people. Talking to Jake Beaudin was a great chance to see how he handles the stress of working with his clients.

Q. What does your daily job duties look like in relation to customer service?
A. As the Lead Wellness Specialist it is my job to work with each client daily to make sure all their questions are answered and to check in on how they are feeling on their protocol.

Q. How many people do you talk to on a daily basis?
A. On average I would say I talk to at least 100 different clients a day.

Q. Does working that many people cause you stress?

A. I would be lying if I said no. Interacting with that many people on a daily basis can cause stress for sure. However, I always try to look at things from the client’s perspective and do my best to stay positive when I talk to everyone.

Q. What is some advice for people in customer service or just daily life with interacting with people?
A. Try to be a good person to everyone. That energy always has a way to come back to you.