The team went out to interview realtor Scott Rose and reminisced about his Real Estate career.

Here’s how it went.

It’s great to have you here. Can you please tell us more about yourself and what you do?

“I have a great desire to assist people; I volunteer in my community. And being a Realtor, helping families buy or sell homes is another way to help out. I have a beautiful wife and two daughters, and we enjoy participating and attending sporting events. I love the home buying and selling process. That’s why I became a Realtor. Going to see a home with a family is a responsibility I take seriously. I realize the memories they will make there and to be a part of that is an honor.”

What is your service area? What are the benefits of working in this area? What are the amazing features of these areas that people should know before moving here?

I am able to assist families throughout all of Southeast Michigan, but my focus is in the Waterford, West Bloomfield, and Clarkston areas. I appreciate the diversity of these areas, from 1000 square foot starter homes to 4000 square foot lake properties; this area has it all.  I have lived and worked in this area for nearly 30 years, raised my children, and been an active part of the community. In addition, I appreciate the fantastic lakes and rivers scattered throughout the region, and I try to be as active in kayaking, boating, and fishing as possible.”

Do you work with a specific type of client or within a specific niche? 

“I don’t have a specific client I work with; as mentioned previously, the diversity of the area leads to a broad client base. First-time homebuyers, families who are looking for more space, and empty-nesters looking to downsize. They all have specific needs, and I communicate with them to understand what they are looking for, and finding that is my goal.”

How is the market performing right now? Is it the right time to acquire your services?

“With the uncertainty in the world, it has created a unique market. People are spending more time at home, and that extra time leads some to want more from the place they call home.   Using a Realtor to assist people in navigating through those uncertainties is the primary purpose of working with a Realtor. I can help you find the home you’re looking for and make sure all the proper procedures are followed to protect my clients.”

Tell us a little about your personal life? Ex: who do you live with? What are your hobbies? Do you have any pets? Etc.

“I have a beautiful wife; we’ve been married for 24 years. Two daughters, ages 19 and 15.  I also have a four-legged ‘son,’ Buddy.  He’s a Mal-shi, a Maltese – Shi-Tzu mix that’s six years old. My girls play softball and volleyball.  I’m an avid bowler and golfer. Living in the area we are in, we enjoy all outdoor activities on the lakes and rivers.”

What are some pieces of advice that you would give to potential clients looking to buy, sell or invest in your service area?

“Be sure and choose a licensed Realtor for your journey.  We can assist with the search, setting a competitive asking price, negotiations, and most importantly, protecting clients from those that do not represent their best interest.”

Scott added, “I have been in the customer service business for nearly 30 years; my focus has always been timely communication. I may not always answer every incoming phone call, but I strive for quick, honest responses, especially in the competitive market we’re in.”

To get a hold of Realtor Scott Rose and experience his Real Estate expertise, call him through his phone (248) 212-6794 or email him at [email protected].


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