exercise for activeness at work

Work-life is a very important aspect of a person’s life. No matter where we work or what we do, the hectic work schedule does not change. This can drain the energy from our system thus making us feel low and tired. At work, there are a number of responsibilities that need to be taken care of. There are deadlines to submit projects and reports. Meeting these deadlines can become very tiring at times. Another very common reason that brings in the work fatigue is sitting in the same place for a long time. Most of us have a sitting job and therefore we have to sit in the same place all the time. This can lead to causing back pain in the person along with making the person suffer from the issue of tiredness and fatigue. This can, therefore, affect the working and productivity of the person to a large extent. It is seen that doing certain exercises can help you stay active at work. So, let us take a step forward to leading a productive office life and stay active and alert at work.

The causes of tiredness at work

There are many factors that cause tiredness in people. Before we look into exercises that will bring in a break in the monotonous office life first let us have a look at things we do wrong that contributes to causing tiredness at work-

  • We do not take the needed break. When a person works for too long at work, it can make the person feel dull and washed out. Therefore, after you have worked for a few hours, a person needs to take a break and walk around in the office campus for a while. You can also talk to your co-workers for that upliftment in the mood while working.
  • Not having a good sleep. Sleep is a very important factor that helps a person lives an active life. But today most of us keep working till late night that affects the sleep cycle of the person. This is a major reason for a person to suffer from the issue of tiredness at work.
  • Not eating well before working. I understand most of us are in a rush to reach the office on time. Therefore, we do not get enough time to sit and have our breakfast at peace. As, per reports and scientific findings, breakfast is the most important meal for a person that helps them work well and act as fuel to keep going through a busy work schedule. Therefore, it is very important to eat well before you step into your office. You can also keep protein bars in your bag for that off-time hunger crunch.

Exercises that will keep you going

People for a long time believe in the benefits that regular exercise has to offer to people. But this hectic life of ours we do not get enough time to work out on a regular basis. Also, when sitting for a long time at work, it becomes very common for the person to suffer from body pain issues. There are many studies that indicate that regular stretching at work can improve productivity at work. So, here are some exercises that can be done at your work desk.

Chest stretching-

This is one of the most simple and effective exercises for all people who are working at the office. This also helps us when we are working on a computer, we spend a lot of time hunched towards the computer. For stretching your chest, you need a resistance band (that will easily fit into your handbag). Now take this band over your head. Further stretch your hands backward. This will create a stretch on the chest thus helping you relax.

Shoulder shrugs

When at work, we are constantly writing, clicking or typing. This can create a lot of stress and tension on the shoulder and neck. This can also lead to tension on the shoulder muscle. Therefore, to keep the blood circulation normal. It is very important to shrug. For this, you can either choose to sit or stand. Now lift your shoulder to your ears. Squeeze the shoulder as hard as you can and hold it for about 2 seconds. Relax your muscles now by rolling it. You can repeat it for 5 to 6 times and follow it by rolling your shoulder.

Twisting the spines

For this, you will have to seat in your working chair. Make sure that your feet lie flat on the floor. Now contract the abs and slowly rotate the torso to your right. Make sure that you are holding the hands on the chair. This will help in deepening the stretch. It is important to note that you should stretch as far as you can. Do not try to overdo it by applying pressure. Also, keeps your back straight while doing this stretch.

Stretching the forearm

For this, you need to stretch the right arm out. Now turn the hands down in a way that the fingers are facing the floor. Further, use your left arm to slowly pull the fingers toward you. At this point, you will feel a stretch in the forearm. Try to hold this position for about 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat it on the other hand.

So, here are a few simple stretching ideas that will help you keep going at work by breaking the monotonous office routine.