When it comes to entrepreneurship, Scottie Rapp has multiple tricks up his sleeve. Four years prior to launching his company Reigning Legacy with his best friend, Rapp had a vision to use his hardships as something to uplift the community. Before setting out to change the world around him, Rapp was just your average day-to-day employee working in government.

After working in politics for the state for 2 years, Rapp met his best friend, CEO of Reigning Legacy, Daniel Davon Wilkins in a Bible program. Both of them entered each others lives with the same lows and defeats. Now, as Vice President of Reigning Legacy, Scottie Rapp linked up with Wilkins and their friendship began to grow, building a company from the ground up.

Reigning Legacy is an emerging underground movement set out on community outreach. Reigning Legacy is a brand with two divided branches, mainly a local community outreach established in upstate New York working in the inner cities and the surrounded impoverished communities. Reigning Legacy’s sole mission is to provide solutions and advocacy to those in poverty. From providing assistance to individuals suffering from traumas or misfortunes to creating advocacy to the troubled youth, homeless, substance abusers or the mentally ill, Reigning Legacy brings forward the answers to the unfortunate circumstances of the less fortunate.

Reigning Legacy does not stop there, the company also aims to provide education in financial literacy in the field of marketing and investments. Through this, everyday people are given the opportunity to achieve their goals and enhance their lifestyles through top of the line products, services, savings, and rewards.

Rapp’s secret to success it to stay hungry and never get complacent. He learned that with every small victory comes with improvement. Rapp doesn’t let outside opinions flood his subconscious if it doesn’t align with his vision—and that mindset is what keeps Reigning Legacy moving forward. Despite the downfalls in his life, Scottie Rapp was able to take that and make it into something worthwhile–inspiring others that after falling down the only thing left to do is get up