Research shows that around three quarters of adults are getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night. With an 850% increase in interest for ‘vitamin E sleep mask’ it’s clear that Brits are seeing the impact not enough sleep is having on their skin. 

Experts at SleepSeeker have put together their top tips on getting some great beauty sleep. 

“Sleep has a direct impact on your skin. You can almost instantly tell the influence a bad night sleep has on your physical and mental wellbeing. This is because when you miss out on sleep, your cortisol levels increase, which in turn triggers inflammation and prevents your skin from repairing and regenerating properly. Not only this, but when we’re tired, the blood in our bodies do not flow as efficiently, leading to a slight lack of oxygen in the blood – this can manifest itself on our skin as looking pigmented or blotchy. 

“However, there are some things we can do to help prevent tossing and turning all night, save our skin and get the beauty sleep we all need.

  1. Keep your sheets clean. Not washing your pillowcases and sheets exposes you to bacteria, skin cells, pollen and other bodily secretions such as sweat, which can all contribute to clogged skin and breakouts. Ensure you’re washing your pillows, sheets and toppers regularly for good hygiene and to protect your skin while you snooze.
  2. Find the right supplements. Find the right vitamins and supplements to help support your beauty and sleep regime. This could mean looking out for certain ingredients in sleep masks or other beauty sleep products, or using supplements such as CBD to help you relax ahead of your night’s rest.  
  3. Having the best ‘sleep equipment’. Suffering with back pain during the night can cause restless sleep. If you are suffering with back pain it’s important to check whether your mattress and pillows are the problem, or consider investing in a support pillow for extra comfort.
  4. Listen to calming music. With a 2100% increase in interest for soothing sleep music in the past year, calming music is clearly giving the nation a deeper sleep. Why not try creating your own sleeping playlist – here isn’t a one size fits all approach to what music calms people, so find what works best for you.
  5. The ultimate aromas. The power of scents to help you fall asleep should not be underestimated. From lavender sprays to scented pillows, there are a variety of different product offerings on the market at the moment that could be the answer to your perfect night’s sleep.”