Alzheimer’s is a disease that everybody wants to steer clear of and for really good reason too. Even though there are no proven ways of preventing it, you could do quite a bit to reduce your chances of acquiring it. Alzheimer’s is a mind boggling sickness with different hazard factors. A few, similar to your age and hereditary qualities, are beyond your ability to do anything about. Doctors cannot say for sure why certain people are safe and why some people are stricken by the disease. Nobody knows why Alzheimer’s gets worse and what are the effective ways of curing the problem of its roots? Even doctors are not aware of effective treatment methods. It is quite common for Alzheimer’s to occur as you age; however, it is not an inevitable or normal part of growing older. The fact remains that certain genetic disorders or glitches are responsible for triggering this issue.

Tips to Minimize the Risk of Alzheimer’s Associated Dementia

As per the latest study published in ‘The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association’ on Dementia and Alzheimer’s, it has been proved that you could reduce your risk of dementia and cognitive decline by introducing some positive lifestyle modifications. Here are some tips for helping prevent dementia that is associated with Alzheimer’s.

Avoid brain injury

Always wear a helmet while playing contact sports or riding a bike, wear a seatbelt while traveling in the car and try to consciously work toward preventing any falls.

As per research, you need to do regular exercises so that there is a flow of more blood to your brain that makes it healthier. You must trying getting involved in a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity for five or even more days every week, This is great for your brain’s health and agility and helps in keeping Alzheimer’s at bay.

Alzheimer’s could be detected with the use of PCR kits in laboratories. In this context, we know that Takara Bio, Clonetech and Cellartis offer a host of kits, services, and reagents that are utilized in gene discovery, function, and regulation. You could get PCR kits, buffers, and reagents for the diagnoses of dementia associated with Alzheimer’s.

Keep Challenging Yourself

Challenging your mind is certainly the key to keeping your brain healthy and fit. You could get involved in quizzing, solving a puzzle, painting, or even playing an interesting card game.

Always have a healthy & balanced diet

Consume green leafy vegetables every day and follow certain diets such as the MIND diet for reducing the risk of dementia.

Focus On Getting Quality Sleep

People having sleep disorders must try their best to sleep well otherwise they may face increases chances of developing Alzheimer’s and other associated dementias.

Maintaining Good Cardiovascular Health Helps

Avoid diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure by following a proper diet and exercising regularly. Avoid alcohol consumption and quit smoking. Studies have revealed that by quitting smoking, your chances of getting this disease are largely reduced.

Maintain a Healthy Social Life

Participate in social activities that interest you and try to go out with your friends and loved ones.

Work towards Fighting off Depression

Dementia has long been correlated with depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. You should do your best to break out of depression, and seek professional help and find out if any preventive medication is necessary at this stage.

Conclusion: Avoid Physical Trauma

A head injury from an accident could come to haunt you in the future by increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s. You should take preventive measures when you go outside, and also inspect places in your home where you are likely to fall if you aren’t careful. Take measures to make your home as safe as possible.