There are so many ways to express love that you could easily get lost. We just wonder how to make him understand the feelings we feel the right way. Every time, expressing love with flowers prompts a happy smile on the beautiful face of your beloved or the person you want to impress. But which flowers to favor?

Depending on the situation and the intention, we will choose a personalized bouquet with the right flowers. Simply follow the advice in this guide to the best bouquet to express your love.

Exceptional flowers to say “I love you”

The love you have for your other half is so great that you want to share it with gestures and actions? Bouquets of love flowers to say I love you, LaFleurDeluxe roses offers you a whole selection to choose the best bouquet to offer your lovely sweetheart.

Give him a beautiful bouquet of red roses, white roses, orange roses or even pink roses. And to evoke a better surprise effect, choose a bouquet of roses associated with:

  • lilies;
  • tulips;
  • nasturtiums;
  • hyacinths.

The rose: the mythical symbol of true love

The rose has been used since antiquity as a perfect way to express love and feelings. Mythical symbol of true love, it inspired designers, writers, painters, poets and simple peasants of the time. Even today, she can help you conquer the heart of your beloved and shows her that you have cared for her since you first saw her.

Among all the nuances of color of the rose, the red appreciates the most.

Like a flower to say “I love you”, it is simply exceptional. A bouquet of flowers for a birthday may well include several red roses associated with other flowers with an intoxicating scent.

If you are currently in the beginning of a relationship, you can very well choose white roses instead of red roses or why not combine them in a single bouquet. Reflecting a soft and delicate color, white roses express a feeling of purity, nobility and generosity. It’s a great way to express your real feelings to her without rushing her too much. She will be happy with your kind attention.

Other appreciable colors of rose in a bouquet to express his love: pink and orange. Pink roses are such a delicacy while declaring an emerging love that seeks to grow and flourish. A perfect between the red rose and the pink or white rose, the orange rose can also be integrated into a bouquet to offer to his dear and tender. She expresses a fiery desire in a more sensual and more erotic tone in a very original way. But to keep a certain balance, we will add one, two or three in its bouquet.

An original floral composition: which flowers to choose?

Above all, expressing your love with flowers must be original. But which flowers to choose to inspire this originality? Between tulips, hyacinths and nasturtiums, the choice is well given to you.

Express love with the symbol of red roses

Although offering roses as a bouquet is already a sensational idea to express your love, know that the message will be much more precise depending on the color and number of roses. In most cases, men choose to have bouquets delivered with: 1 rose, 3 roses, 5 roses, 6 roses, 9 roses, 10 roses, 12 roses, 20 roses, 24 roses, 36 roses, 50 roses, 100 roses and much more…

It is therefore a perfect flower to offer at the beginning of a romantic love story. In the language of flowers, 3 red roses simply mean “I love you with all my heart ”, all women most certainly know this …

Potted flowers: a lasting and emerging gift

Although offering a bouquet of flowers already cut is the mythical and classic idea to express your feelings, you can change things by opting for a lasting and emerging gift. Indeed, if you want your beloved to remember your feelings at all times, give her beautiful natural flowers in pots that she can place somewhere in her living room, bedroom, terrace of her house …

Express love with flowers: opt for online

The idea of ​​wanting to buy flowers from LaFleurDeluxe roses that make up the bouquet yourself is certainly a good alternative, but to do well, it would be better to use online flower. This option allows you to express your love with flowers already assembled in a bouquet to leave you spoiled for choice.