If the brain doesn’t get all it needs, its performance also decreases causing the regeneration process to be slower and less efficient.


Extending one’s life span might seem like a miracle. Society has normalized illness and medication as part of a social “norm”. It doesn’t have to be this way. Like I said last week, our bodies are designed to function at optimum health on their own, it’s us who get in the way! Medication and pain make your body vulnerable and weaken your body when bigger problems arise. Cell regeneration decreases or increases depending on the actions we take every day.

The definition of longevity is “a long duration of a life”. This itself doesn’t clarify much but if we think about the opposite, a single word would explain it “Decrepitude”.

Decrepitude is the daily process of dying cells in our body. Every day our body loses cells by the billions, and overnight our brain is responsible to renew, refill and regenerate as many cells as possible to replenish what we lost the day before.

Why do cells die? Cells die due to oxidation. Oxidation is the phenomenon of rust. We do things throughout the day that decrease the oxygen in our blood which directly affects our cells. This process stems from our choices: Lack of quality of air, poor nutritional food, drinking alcohol, smoking, taking legal and illegal drugs…etc. All these things are killing our cells every day.

The issue comes when our brain doesn’t have all it needs on a daily basis. If the brain doesn’t get all it needs, its performance also decreases causing the regeneration process to be slower and less efficient. Say, if you have 10 cells dying during the day and overnight your brain is empty and can’t replace these 10 dead cells, the next day you will have 10 cells less in your body. But If you have 10 cells dying during the day and your brain has everything it needs, it will be able to replace those 10 cells fully or at least with 8 brand new ones. 

Here are a few examples of things we do on a daily basis that kill our cells faster than our brain would ever be able to replace them:


Lack of hydration, water

Trans-fats or process food

Low-quality skin products

Alcohol intake

Drugs of any kind

Carbon monoxide Intake        

Drinking too Much Coffee


Eating the black burnt crust in the toast

Breathing highly polluted air, living in big cities, and industrial areas

All these examples happen to all of us in bigger or smaller measure but almost one of these happens to everyone.

Now, what can we do to fight our dying cells?

First of all, make sure you give your brain everything it needs. Fats, vitamins, protein, minerals, good sleep, exercise. As well as:

Eating mostly vegetables and protein

Drink at least 8 cups of water per day 

Drink green tea instead of coffee 

Develop good sleep hygiene

Doing a cleanse/detox at least once a year

Reduce drugs to the minimum 

Leave alcohol only for celebrations 

No junk food or processed food

Eat food without labels

Superfoods like Chlorella, Maca Powder, Mushrooms like Lions Mane, Chaga, and Cordyceps, Spirulina, Turmeric.

And believe me, you will live a much longer and healthier life.

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