How to beat the winter blues…

You’ll understand the necessity of feeling the warm sun beaming down on your face when you live in the northern hemisphere between October and March.

There’s nothing like long, sunny days when you’re deprived of light and heat during the winter months. Which is why Miami is such a great spot to head to for a bit of much needed R&R, without blowing the budget.

What is it about sun and light that makes us feel so good? Well, if you google this question, the answer you will get is: Sunlight increases serotonin levels which in turn may make you happier. Sunlight is effective at improving happiness levels for those with SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, a condition where people get clinically depressed in the winter because there is less sunlight.

So scientifically, a quick getaway to Miami in winter months is a great idea!

With an abundant amount of hotels and resorts to choose from, which should you select? For me the choice was easy, it’s all about location and wellness (lets be honest, it needs to have a great spa).

Acqualina Resort & Spa

Acqualina is about 30 mins from Miami, so technically closer to Fort Lauderdale, but the perfect selection for those wanting to get out of the chaos that South Beach is so well known for.

This resort and spa is a luxurious resort (even Forbes gave it a 5-star rating) and perfect for those who love a little OTT style.

The design of the hotel is based on Italian Villas in Italy, so think sky high ceilings with majestic columns and marble galore.

The service is impeccable, and your every wish is a ‘no problem’ or ‘right away’. It almost as if it’s a personal concierge is avaiable for each guest.

Another plus of this resort are the guests. When you are in Miami, you’ll understand what I mean, it’s a pleasure to share a resort with other great guests. This is not always the case in all Miami hotels, regardless of the costs of the hotel, there will always be some questionable visitors. However, when you visit Acqualina, the other guests are polite, kids are well behaved and it’s a great feeling not to have to worry about all-night parties or bratty kids.

Espa spa services are truly exceptional and extensive. I opted for a sound healing massage, which involves listening to your choice of music or natural sounds to put you into a calm state while a masseuse takes care of your nagging aches and pains. I also happen to love the Espa beauty products they use. Make sure you take a few of the products home with you to enjoy a little spa-like feeling every day.

My beachfront suite was large enough for a 4 -person family or really luxurious for a couple wanting a great space for an indulgent weekend away.

Don’t worry about getting bored without the South Beach nightlife, you will be spending your time on the beach, at the outdoor restaurant, or in the trendy Il Mulino (famous sister restaurant in New York) in the evening. Make sure to book in a spa and you’ll be walking away from a weekend that brings some happiness, balance and serotonin back into your life.