Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you describe your childhood for us?

Great childhood, typical lower middle-class dysfunctional family. 2 bothers 1 sister, I was second youngest, Born and raised suburbs of Detroit, MI. Parents ugly divorce when I was 16, quickly became the party house, underage drinking, drugs out of control. Failed out of high school had to go to night school and barely graduated. Daily drug and alcohol use from 14–21. IV heroin user.

Can you share with us how were you initially introduced to your addiction?

What drew you to the addiction you had? Progressing from pills to heroin I quickly progressed due to money. It would cost 50–80 dollars in pills to do the same as 5 dollars of powder heroin. A “Friend” showed me how to inject for the first time.

What do you think you were really masking or running from in the first place?

It started as fun, something to take the edge off. Quickly became only problems. Drugs simply dumbed me, so I didn’t have to feel anything.

Can you share what the lowest point in your addiction and life was?

The daily, stealing to support my habit, lying, betrayal. Getting caught stealing, from my girlfriends’ purse and trying to lie about it even know she caught me. The look of disgust on her face.

Can you tell us the story about how were you able to overcome your addiction?

5 rehab centers later, multiple relapses. My family never gave up on me, they never kicked me out, always want me to get better from me. This last time, my litter brother passed away when I was 60 days sober. I’ve used the strength from his passing when it was tough to not pick up another drink or drug. The hope from the 12 step meetings, my support network around me that loved me until I loved myself.

How did you reconcile within yourself and to others the pain that addiction caused to you and them?

The amends process to myself is the hardest. I’ve paid back all my debts, made right a lot of my wrongs. Simply waking up and choosing to be the best version of myself is how I have been working my aments. To others, is being a good person and actually caring, having integrity. Treating others how I want to be treated.

When you stopped your addiction, what did you do to fill in all the newfound time you had?

Bowled a ton, skied, found other young people in sobriety that wanted to stay sober. 3 12 step meetings a day. Once I was of a sounder mind, I’ve switched my focus to helping people, creating an amazing company that provides hope to new members inside and outside of sobriety.

What positive habits have you incorporated into your life post addiction to keep you on the right path?

Daily- physical workout, mantras, prayers, meditation. No gossip. Focus on me and how I can help people. Its non-of my business what people think about me.

Can you tell us a story about how your entrepreneurial journey started?

When I got sober no one would give me a job or a change, I have to start my own business. Knocking doors, looking for work. Side hustle for cigarettes and energy drinks turned into a multimillion-dollar business.

What character traits have you transferred from your addiction to your entrepreneurship. Please share both the positive and negative.

The complete obsession that I had form drugs is a huge contribution to my success. Being resourceful, when using, I have to find ways and means to get more with nothing. In business when there is an issue, I focus on the solution and get creative just like I did when using drugs.

Why do you think this topic is not discussed enough?

Embarrassment, fear of rejection, Let’s face it most people don’t want to do business with a junkie. I am an open book when it come to my drug and alcohol addiction, it made me who I am. The world my judge me on it but that ok, I have no problem telling people who I actually am.

Can you share three pieces of advice that you would give to the entrepreneur who is struggling with some sort of addiction but ashamed to speak about it or get help?

The shame is in not getting help. Hope is out there; you are not alone. You are useless to your family, company everyone when your dead, when you get yourself together everything comes together.

How can our readers follow you on social media?

@Jeremiah_Campbell @Brickworks_llc