With the ongoing bombardment of polarizing news, the question what information and which source to trust has become a fundamental one for coming up with one owns genuine points of view, opinions, and values.

In ancient times, during deep meditation, people would hear a certain sound or specific frequency that they considered a resonance of their individual thoughts, feelings and attitude, representing the spirit of who they are.

To remember that “self” and be able to easily tune-in during daily life, they would wander to the beach and find a shell, which when blown into, would resemble that innermost sound they had heard, allowing them to instantly align with themselves and their unique frequency.

Today, in a world of constant overload, powered by digital media and accelerated by technology, we become the victims of our own opinions through information which targets us in the form of near perfect algorithms.

Fact checking others, as well as our own points of view, thus is becoming increasingly difficult, as most sources for information are influenced at their core by a pre-existing opinion which either resonates with our outer view of the world, or not.

Now, more than ever, it would be of critical importance to listen inside, and remember such pieces of ancient wisdom which could grant us access to our inner world, and from a place of stillness help us “fact-check” whether information that is presented to us on an algorithmically optimized silver platter, actually resonates with our inner source of wisdom, knowledge and experience.

All that is required to realize the Self is to “Be Still.” – Ramana Maharshi