Umer Idrisi, turned his childhood hobby into a lucrative business and has been paving his way to success and how. Being a nerd during the childhood days played a major role in shaping Umer’s future. He spent most of his time learning programming, design, and marketing. Umer Idrisi launched two site called Kayi Digital and All Blog Things that needed effective and practical marketing and strategy that would work and bring in customers.

To be an entrepreneur is to fail. Let me explain. All entrepreneurs fail. Yes. All of them. It is the harsh reality of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs might fail before they even begin. The task of starting a business is just too enormous. Other entrepreneurs might fail within the first few weeks or months. Some entrepreneurs fail within the first couple of years says Umer.

Everyone knows the story of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the first commercial light bulb. As with most stories, the focus is on his success and not on his failures. While it makes sense to focus on the many important inventions he brought to mankind, it is as important to learn from his way of looking at life. Edison can be said to have brought light quite literally into the world but he also brought light in another way. And this other way is his stubbornness in the face of failure.

Knowing that it’s okay to fail is not all it takes. The next step is to learn from it. Learning from your own mistakes is wise. But it is wiser to learn from the mistakes of others. Research, read up until your brain is brimming with information. The next time, you can implement all that you have learned in your new venture. Put it up on your wall, so you never forget. And whatever you do, however many times you have failed, pick yourself up and begin again. You can’t win if you take yourself out of the game. The basic driving force behind success, therefore, is the biggest cliche of all time – ‘Never Give Up.’

Successful entrepreneurs have a positive mindset; they always see the good in every negative situation and failure. They do not say to themselves, “I am a failure”, rather they find ways of turning a failure to be a massive success. And that is what sets them apart from failed entrepreneurs. Umer suggests to be prepared to fail. He says, you do not have to come up with full contingency plans for any type of failure. Although, being mentally prepared for failing and difficult times are critically important. If you have expectations that things are going to go perfectly according to plan, then, once they do not, those hard moments will be more difficult than you will expect.