Alex Machuca

The pandemic has shaken the whole world to its core, and the corporate sector is no exception. Many big and small business has faced financial fragility during this havoc. In these uncertain times, more and more companies turn towards experts to generate much-needed leads for their rescue, and one such expert is a successful self-made entrepreneur Alex Machuca.

Hailing from the suburbs of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, is the CEO of ‘Lyncrest Media.’ Extraordinary intelligence is always behind a successful business model, and Alex is unarguably the genius in Mortgage Marketing. When many businesses fail to survive this pandemic, this marketing maestro took his digital marketing company to the highest success levels.

Alex started working from the young of 16 and never looked back. The success came following him after his big break at GoDaddy. Hard work always pays off; it is due to Alex’s untiring efforts he was ranked #7 in the world in global sales. Alex was always enthusiastic about starting his own business. However, the much-needed push was provided to him after he got associated with a company called, Tacotopia. His job was to sell tickets using Facebook ads which weren’t performing very well. So, he decided to figure out new ways to improve ads; however, he was pushed back by his partners, saying his job is to raise money only and not to get involved in marketing strategies. This was when he decided to set his own goals in the digital marketing sector. He started investing in the courses of digital marketing. He was always able, but a little polish of his skills made him a star of the digital media world. 

They say failures set the path to success when you learn from your mistakes. Even after some failed concepts, Alex refused to give up on his dream of running a marketing business. Fast forward today, Alex is now a successful entrepreneur running his digital media agency ‘Lyncrest.’ His concept was welcomed with open arms in the business world. Lyncrest received immediate attention from Mortgage Brokers because of his brilliant ideas. Alex’s firm became the fastest growing digital marketing agency in the country in no time. ‘Lyncrest’ earned an honourable name and soaring success in the Mortgage industry even when pandemic caused many industries to come on their knees.

Lyncrest saw rapid success, and because of Alex’s vision, he was able to scale his company around 50k per month in only 90 days and then 100k per month in just eight months. NY weekly has names his brain child ‘Lyncrest’ as the top digital marketing agency in the mortgage sector in 2021. Not only NY weekly but many other reputable press outlets have praised Lyncrest. Even Kevin O’Leary, one of the top entrepreneurs, has praised Lyncrest. Alex’s next goal is to reach the #1 position in the mortgage industry, which by looking at his previous achievements, seems not far away.