Faisal Shafique was brought into the world on December10, 1992, in a beautiful land of Pakistan and as a youngster, he moved to The United States of America along with his parents. At a youthful age, he was struggling with the native language of America but his consistent efforts and dedication towards study assisted him in becoming a skillful personality.

In the initial years, he relied upon the paths of several people around him and wanted to become a doctor. In the bygone days, he did his high school in 2010 and later on, he took an admission in a community college where he worked with his uncle in a clinic. He was working at a clinic just to enhance his communication skills by answering phone calls. After a certain period, he quit his job and assisted his parents with the gas station.

An interesting thing happened with him was that he got indulged into Instagram with the efforts of his colleague at the clinic where he suggested that it will be a huge success in the terms of social media in the years to come. Besides, he started giving his time to several activities such as posting interesting facts on his Instagram page ‘Fact’, working at the gas station, and continuing education for Associate Degree but with the time he started to devote time for his new passion.

Every passion turns out to be fruitful as he is one of the most popular influencers with enormous social media. In the early years, there was no application to raise the number of followers on any application but in the present scenario, he did research and came to know about a couple of small pages where they used to sell shout outs on e-Bay and gave a thought in his mind to reach them. Moreover, he paid money to post his content and to increase his followers by leaps and bounds.

Every new venture involves a huge amount of money and his new passion turned out to be costly. His parents were against him and told him to stop but this determination towards his goal was the top priority as he does not want to get away from this golden opportunity. Fortunately, he started making more creating content which will help him to grow his site to a great extent.

Sometimes, it is all about fortune and he considered his passion to be a gamble. Also, this gamble helped him to excel in this profession. Apart from this, he got a gigantic platform from Instagram and he began to receive opportunities to sell various posts with his efforts. Having more exposure, he started to run his second page where the number of followers was escalating in a similar way to his first page. Apart from this, he continued to expand his network and immense opportunities paved his way. Faisal was invited to promote colossal companies like Game of War, Mobile Strike, Fashion Nova, and Fit tea where he helped them to improve their sales.

As said by many, passion never ends likewise, his passion towards various tasks never ended. He entered into the world of E-commerce where a newly built store will grow in a few months. Moving ahead, he wanted to enter into the music industry and when interviewed by ‘The Urban Twist’ about this decision Faisal told them that he had an interest in music from the tender age. Furthermore, gaining popularity will help me to share my life with the universe. He also conveys that everything gets faded when music is created with a breath of fresh air.

“Working hard, being patient and being full of determination is perhaps the most fulfilling way of becoming rich”.